One Year Diaversary

On 10/1/2011, T1 entered my life. It's been a year of learning, changing, crying, accepting, and most of all, healing. I'm now setting my intention for the next year to be one of fully embracing all the possibilities for my life. Managing my D will always be something I have to give some of my time to, but I'm ready to let other things push their way to the front of the line. Look out world!

You sound like you have to come to accept what you have as part of the fabric of your life. It was hard to imagine in the beginning that I would ever get so used to living this way. Yet...I did. it doesn't stop you from doing what you want, it just takes a little more thinking and planning sometimes. Also I want to thank you for your almond milk idea from another thread. I have a big glass every night before bed and it seems to really keep my sugars even throughout the night! Plus, it tastes great.

Happy anniversary. Only one year into it and already people, like me, are learning from you. I hope the first year is the hardest.

go shawnmarie, go! its amazing what a difference a year makes! happy diaversary!

Getting through my first year was huge. Taking care of my health through all the seasons provided challenges: ie how to exercise in the cold, how to cope with food-heavy holidays (Thanksgiving, Passover), shifting work demands. The second year I knew what was coming and could better prepare.
Thanks for your inspirational post.

Happy Diaversary, Shawnmarie. I remember when you first came on here asking questions. What a long way you've come in that year! And unlike many who move on, you've stayed to help others which I truly admire!

After a year, I had not really accepted my diagnosis. I still believed I could "fix it." And I was still painfully mourning my imminent death. In hindsight, that first year was a struggle to just get my head on straight. I wish I had been able to face things as you have done. I am really proud of you.

Happy Diaversary and here's to many more. Congrats on managing so well and helping others learn to live with it too.

Well to be honest we're lucky to have you on board. It's great to have people here who know what they are talking about, who help others and who take such a keen interest. I've been D for 25yrs, still learning and have so much to learn. Things have really moved on from when I was diagnosed. You will have a complete and healthy future, so don't worry, just stay motivated. Stay here with us.

Great attitude! I'm sometimes frustrated I don't know when my actual anniversary is but I know when my daughter's birthday is, when I got my black belt and various running milestones. I think that finding other things to get involved in has always helped me and it's great that you're able to do it just getting into it!

Hi Shawnmarie: Congrats! I think the first year is the hardest, with the grieving of your lost life and dealing with all the silly things we have to deal with. But you have all the right stuff to have the best life possible in spite of diabetes, and yes a part of that is helping the newly diagnosed people cope. You inspire me!