One Year on DEFEND-2

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It’s hard to believe that yesterday was my 12 month appointment for the DEFEND-2 trial. I looked at the sheet and it was visit #27. I figured it out and realized that I have made the 1000 mile round trip drive 23 times in the past year for screening visits, cgm placements, dosing and followup visits. I’ve put just under 23,000 miles on my car and 300 hours in the drivers seat for this study in the past year. Yes I’ve been compensated for the mileage and paid for the visits, but the wear and tear on my car, using up the extended warranty in 18 months and now needing new tires has pretty much killed any profit I’ve made.

No one, including me, has ever claimed that being on a clinical trial is easy. There is a lot of dedication that the patient must have in order to…