Online Glucose logs?

I’m fairly new to this site. Is there a private blood glucose daily log that is avaiable on this site? I’ve looked and can’t find one here. I am currently using the one on “Everyday Health” but would prefer to keep everything on one site.

Our TuDiabetes 2010 “Geek” Holger

has a program called Glucosurfer you might be interested in. It’s free, btw

There is not one on tudiabetes, but a frequent poster (Holger) here maintains a site in europe called He’ll probably chime in before long.

If you use a OneTouch UltraSmart, I actually find that it has almost all the logging info I want, with the advantage that I always have it with me and that I don’t need to transfer the data from the meter to my computer. It obviously automatically records blood glucose readings, and I also use it to record insulin injections and sometimes exercise and carb eaten if I’m trying to figure out some pattern. Also ketones if you measure those.

The meter displays lots of info: I use it for BG averages from 7 days to 90 days; average number of BG tests per day; TDD insulin averages, number of hypo’s from 7 to 90 days; glucose range (before and after meal summaries of percent BGs within, below and above programmable ranges); a graph to quickly scroll through and select specific BG results and look for prior exercise food insulin etc; and a log of every piece of data that goes back 90 days.

In fact I find this meter info so useful that I don’t want to change to a new UltraSmart, even though the one I’m using is at least five years old and has a stripe down the LED screen. But if I were to switch to a new one I’de lose my 90 days of info so I keep putting it off.