Online / Software to manage BG and Food

I very quickly discovered SugarStats, and it is pretty good for recording BG numbers. But honestly (and I know they are working on it), it doesn’t work well at all for keeping track of food. It’s not great with exercise either.

I would like to see some software (online preferred) that will have an interface similar to WeightWatchers / CalorieKing / MyFoodDiary where you can look up food and exercise in a database, and where you can ALSO keep track of your BG numbers.

The other thing I would like it to do, is let me customize my list of times when the BG might be measured. I’d like a separate slot for 1-hour postprandial and 2-hour postprandial, and the ability to do more customization.

I have looked at Mendosa’s site and I have Googled (a lot) but I haven’t found it yet. Am I out of luck?