Only 24 days until my walk

There are only 24 days until the JDRF walk that I’m doing and so far we have only raised about $130. :frowning:
It’s only my 1st walk, so I’m still trying to find ways to raise money. I know that I still have a little while to go, and I will do my best. I asked my school for help and they basically told me NO. I even asked the grade school that I went to for help, but I have not heard back yet.
I’m going to take my t-shirts this weekend and have them made. they are red, so they will stick out. I wanted pink but:
A)There are guys and a teenage boy on my walk and I want them to be comfortable.
2)They didn’t have enough sizes.
I’m really excited for this walk and hopefully I will meet people my age there, who knows?
Oh and get this: MY ENDO IS GOING TO WALK WITH US!!! How cool is THAT?
I have school tomorrow, so I’m going to bed now. Tomorrow is friday so I hope that everyone has a good weekend :smiley: