Only one option for dexcom rise/fall rates on new update

I set both rise and fall rates on my Dex for the single and double arrows. I like knowing how fast I’m traveling in either direction, especially if I’m going low. I noticed with the new 505 update, I can only select the single OR double arrow. Am I the only person who is frustrated by this? Grrrr…

I thought the system shows the arrows (double or single depending upon the rate) automatically. In what menu are you able to select it?

If you go to advanced, and then to rise/fall rate, you select if you want it to indicate at 3mg/dl/min or 2mg/dl/min. I thought in the past that I had set it to do both. Maybe I am crazy :slight_smile: and it’s my own fault for not looking at it before running the update. If so, then I guess it doesn’t matter. I set it at 3.

I haven't done the update yet. I just looked at mine; I only have the one selection for rise or fall and then you enter the rate, which is defaulted at 3. Those are with the 45 degree arrow for up or down. I don't have any selection (to set the rate for) for the single or double up or down.

No, the 45 degree arrow is automatic. The 2mg/dl/min is your single arrow up or down, and the 3mg/dl/min is your double arrow up or down. The slanted arrow on the selection picture is just for informational purposes.

Previous to the update, I could only select one arrow or 2, not both.

Thanks Kimberly! I was certain that when I set it up the first time that I had the option to select both. Guess not. I still got notifications for both arrows, though.