Only Time Will Tell

Well, I was sucessful in putting my pod on my arm. I’ve been on the Omnipod for 2 months now and have always used my stomach. Now, in trying something new, I am very excited. Only time will tell of the absorption rate and such. But until that time comes, I can’t wipe the smile off my face! I only wish that my family could join in on my happiness. It seems whenever I hit a good spot with my D it’s always questions and what ifs from my family. I went downstairs to share my excitement about putting the pod on my arm and no one shared the joy with me. All I got was…now is the absorption rate the same? Is it going to be ok to sleep like that? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!!! This is the hardest part of being the only diabetic in the family let alone not knowing any other diabetics, personally. I know you all will share in my excitement, hence why I am blogging about it! Oh, boy am I excited! Time to go show my pod off to the world =]

I tried my Pod on my arm and I forgot it was there and almost knocked it off! I think the absorption rate is fine! You might want to also try your thigh! I have grown to love the pod there! I am excited for you:)

Hoorah for exciting new places to poke ourselves :slight_smile: Yes we know the joy!!

Thank you to everyone =)
I know my family will in time understand…just after 11 years I thought they would understand a little more…but that is why i am sooo happy about this site =D

I hear you! Sometimes i’m amazed at what my parents still don’t understand about D. But I guess they only see some sides of it and not the whole thing… but YEP it’s great to have a place where people REALLY understand!

I second (or is it third) that sentiment! There is only so much valuable real estate on your body…it’s not like you can use your elbow! Glad it’s working out for you. : )