Oops! How to make a pasta dinner after work

Got home a bit later than usual today due to walking around in the shopping mall next to the train station after work. Very tired after a long day at work. And I was very hungry. Decided to cook some pasta for dinner just because it’s pretty fast. And I also needed to do some dishes. So here goes: How to make a pasta dinner after work, in 10 easy steps!

Step 1: Take a good sized cooking pot, pour a decent amount of water and salt into said pot and put it on the stove, forget to turn the stove on.

Step 2: Start doing the dishes, wait for some time and wonder why the hell the pasta water never starts to boil! Check stove and realise it’s off.

Step 3: Say some well chosen words in any language you want, turn on the stove and continue doing dishes.

Step 4: Pour a decent amount of pasta into the finally boiling water.

Step 5: Finish dishes and try to clean off a banana stain from your handbag using Vanish, get said Vanish all over the kitchen floor.

Step 6: Vipe up Vanish from floor, and attempt to get the stain off handbag.

Step 7: Put some meatballs in the microwave.

Step 8: Try pasta, pour off water if ready.

Step 9: Add way too much butter to the pasta and serve it imediately with the microwaved meatballs.

Step 10: Enjoy the too buttered pasta with meatballs, then write a post like this!

And you know you’re too tired to cook when: You’ve done anything of the above, preferably in a combination with eachother!

Welcome to my world LOL

HA! HA! Sounds like you messed up there! But also sounds like me trying to cook!!!