Open Letter to Steve Jobs... from a Diabetic


Amy Tenderich, author of Diabetes Mine, one of the best diabetes blogs around, and published author of Know Your Numbers, Outlive Your Diabetes, wrote today an Open Letter to Steve Jobs.

Her point was basically how dire is the need for an improved design in the world of insulin pumps and blood glucose meters, two “gadgets” which diabetics depend on for their lives (you can live without a pump, by giving yourself insulin shots, but once you begin using the pump, it’s your portable pancreas, pretty much).

In writing this post, Amy draw attention from technology blog TechCrunch, which featured her on the home page today. I am very happy this happened, because it brings attention to diabetes as a true issue, one that is lived by 20 million of us, yet seems to be continually brushed aside and underfunded by the government (this administration, at least) in favor of other uses for our tax money. A TechCrunch home page spotlight on diabetes is certainly publicity for the cause that can’t be bought.

KUDOS to you and for all you do for diabetics, Amy!

To everyone reading this: help bring more exposure to the cause.

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