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At age 28 I have now had diabetes for 27 years and I still have a hard time. I have no medical insurance and I buy the Humilin R from Walmart for $25 every 3 weeks. I feel extreme resentment that I can't find anyone who will cover me, or help! I think my mood is caused by the content uncontrolled BG levels. What do I do to have higher spirits?

so no medical assistance in my state, probably the only state that does not have help. But I just contacted Novo Nordisk and they might be able to help with long acting and short acting for me. I have wanted to go on the pump for years, but I never had the insurance to cover it. I constantly live my life thinking something horrible is going to happen as a repercussion of not controlling it the way I should. I just recently got out of the hospital for kidney complications, but the silver lining was my A1C was only at 7.5, a lot lower then I expected! thanks for these websites and tips! :)

Hey man...

The lack of insurance is a big hurdle. Still, with older-style insulins it is still possible to achieve pretty good control, but you have to plan, strategize, and dose differently than people do with the newer, expensive insulin analogs.

As Sally said, learn about basal/bolus management strategies. This site is a great place for that. Then, dose based on carb counting. This will require doing some evaluation/experiementation to determine your carb and correction ratios, but it's not hard.

With all this in hand, you can pursue Multiple Daily Injection therapy to get your sugars under control. You'll have to test 6-10 times a day -- usually before meals, and 3 hours after, as well as a few hours after a correction bolus. Injection timing relative to eating or meter readings will be different for these slower insulins, but it is still very managable.

This site is a great resource to get help putting all this together! Finally, my philosophy/theory about diabetic-caused blues and depression is it has a lot to do with feeling controlled by the disease, rather than being in control of it. Once you gain some control, it's empowering, even if you haven't achieved great numbers yet. The latter comes with time. Putting yourself in the driver's seat involves everything above, and once you've dialed a routine in and see your BG responding as you are expecting it to makes one excited rather than discouraged.

Then, getting that A1c under 8, then under 7, then under 6 (that's my next milestone) is thrilling, and you will have 38,000 cheerleaders here encouraging you.

Oh, and the A1c thing? Use the Bayer A1cNOW+ kit, available OTC at most pharmacies, about $40 for a 2-test box. Seems expensive, but you're only going to do it at the most every 3 months. And it's waaaaayyyyy cheaper than a lab A1c.

Stick around, buddy. Let's all help each other. Ask for as much help and advice as you need, and take control of this condition, rather than letting it control you!

I deff feel like most days the disease controls me, I feel like it dictates my day, especially when i know I have something going on that is going to last me more then 2 hours, I feel like I can't pursue it because my blood sugar might go crazy. I find it takes away the fun in the activity's I want to pursue on a daily basis. Thanks for the A1c advice!

Be sure to check out -

October 1 you will be able to start shopping the Marketplace for the 4 tiers of insurance plans made available with the "Affordable" Care Act.

Obviously a highly polarizing political topic though it is worth checking out as it is an option available to you as pre-existing conditions must be covered, and without charging you more than anyone else in your age and income level.

I am a fierce opponent of the ACA as crafted, but I also would strongly encourage anyone without insurance to jump on it 10/1/13.

My objections aren't at all related to insuring the uninsured. It's how the ACA goes about it I have problems with.

However, that's as much detail as I'll give on this site. I feel strongly that political debate is inappropriate for a place like this.

If you're not carb counting and dosing on that basis, you're gonna feel anxious any time that last dose of insulin "might be running out".

However, as everyone here can attest to, it works -- so that you can have confidence in how you're treating your condition, and live a close to normal life.

As long as diabetes is a Sword of Damocles hanging over your head, you're gonna be anxious, and depressed. Come on, buddy, jump on the bandwagon! We want you in there with us!

I concur. There is alot not to like... but certainly, and in my situation I am glad there are aspects to it that I actually need quite badly right now. I am insured but my plan doesn't really fit with my new found condition. We'll see what my options are come 10/1.

Without the ACA come April I would likely be faced with a massive premium increase from my current insurance.

this is amazing and I can relatr 100% to party nights that didn’t included taking an injection. this dite is amazing and I can’t believe it had takin me this long to look for support. I have never had another diabetic friend at all. I have never felt I could relate with anyone before. I also have felt so judged by people who think managing diabetes is the easiest thing on the planet to take care of. my own signifiacate other doesn’t see what my problem is or why I am moody. it’s been a long hard battle, but I’m so glad I found this site, its just might have saved my life

I’m ready to take control!!

I’m really worried things will get worse for me, not better with the new plans… we shall see

You never know... Check it out.

Looks like Washington state has their own Marketplace rather than defaulting to the Federal one.

Here's a calculator (*only an estimate) -

I think I have made things harder too, but only because the frustration that I face with dealing as a whole. I don't drink, but I do indulge in carbs even a non diabetic probably should not eat on a regular basis. But I just gave up... after not knowing how much insulin to give and feeling like I would never get to use a long acting again, I threw in the towel... Well I am glad I met you on here... I feel like we have some of the same experiences to share!

I don't have insurance. That is my main concern now, otherwise I would be all over going to the doctor. Right now I see a naturopathic doctor that works in my office, but she can't give diabetic care because she does not specialize in that.

Without basal insulin (long acting) you will have no chance to control your BG. The cheapest basal is NPH and I think it will be available over the counter. If I remember correctly Walmart offers Humulin NPH for $25 per vial without prescription.

"...judged by people who think managing diabetes is the easiest thing on the planet to take care of"

Yeah, just don't eat sugar, right?

I'm so sick of that one...

OKAY!! Check out a new discussion I'm starting right now titled, "Be in control with Humulin-R and -N".

And change your profile to add your name -- it feels so strange calling you Dyepez09 :-)

Yes, they have R, N, and 70/30 (N/R), all $25 for 10ml (1000U).

I have no insurance, haven't for 15 years. Type 1 for 37 years. I use Lantus or levimir and novolog which though expensive as heck I have not paid for for years. I see an endocrinologist, and they have many patients, so they get insulin samples. Every time I got to doc, every 3 months, he checks my feet, blood pressure, we talk and he gives me a couple vials of insulin. Sometimes I walk out of there with 500 worth of insulin. Plus I pay cash so he gives me 20 percent off bill. So it is quite affordable, and as long as I don't have some major calamity it works for me.

If you have diabetes it is best to see an endo for a few reasons. A regular doc has 500 patients, 40-60 of them might be diabetic, an endo has 500 patients, 490 of them are diabetic so they see many more things that will wind up happening to you, and they get get medicines that you might need.

Once on insulin very few people can just take one kind. One is long lasting base type, the other is a quick acting type to be taken with meals. Reading web site of any insulin you take and even they will tell you it need to be taken in conjunction with anther type of insulin.

I like that! lol