openAPS: Ask and answer questions here!


Thank you so much for posting this! I am wondering though…

Was that due to OpenAPS/Loop or human error?

Also, how long does the infusion set last on any given site? Sorry for the onslaught of questions, I really appreciate it.

It would be really nice to keep track of boluses remotely.


The pump malfunction was actually way before we got openAPS running. We’re not sure what happened, but I think it was a combination of things that was precipitated by some sort of mechanical issue – this was with the Animas Ping. First we noticed that somehow the reservoir got a little bit unscrewed and it was prompting us to “reprime” after we’d given his breakfast bolus, and the second tip off was that the 20 units-worth of tubing was empty at that point. We suspect that somehow our son was wrestling so intensely with his brother that he squeezed the tubing in just the right way that all the insulin in the tubing got delivered, without being recorded on the pump, but we’re still not sure how it happened. And somehow the reservoir coming unscrewed helped that process along or prevented the ping from accurately reflecting that change in insulin levels. Either way, it wasn’t a user button-press error.

The infusion sets are supposed to be changed out every 48 to 72 hours. A few times we’ve let them go longer by accident but we change out pretty religiously at the 72-hour mark. I don’t think this is any different from Omnipod – all sites should be changed every 3 days to prevent lipoatrophy.


I have openaps on a small rasp-PI system. My wife uses an Omnipod, so I know closed-loop is out of the question (currently). She also uses a Libre, which isn’t supported by openaps, apparently. I see the system, however, can pull BG data from Nightscout. I’d like to try running, just to see what suggestions/projections it makes, but I would like to have it pull the BG info from Nightscout only. I also don’t want to give her nightscout API key, because I don’t want the openaps code uploading a bunch of notes into NS information which she is currently using in other ways (thus confusing things).

I was able to install androidAPS on my android tablet and have it work in exactly this way. The projections seemed useful. I’d like to see openAPS in the same way. Is this possible?

(I have over 30 years programming experience and a Comp. Sci. MS. I’m not afraid of digging into code, fixing compile errors, etc. I’d really like to see something like a structure diagram of how the parts of the code are laid out. I’m also willing to help with changes, if that’s what is needed.)


While there may be a few here who could answer your question, you may find more detailed knowledge and answers to your questions at this Gitter site.

I don’t mean to dampen discussion here and I for one will follow this thread with interest.


Thanks, I’ll check that out! :slight_smile: