Opinion poll please reply!

Ok just for today I want to forget about the"D"

Was having a discussion with my sweetheart last night… about little weirdnesses that we all have.

His “thing” is when he brushes his teeth… he pretty much does it everywhere but the bathroom. He wanders around the house while brushing… sometimes does it while driving to work… I find his toothbrush in the strangest places!!!
Anyway… I told him that this was a strange behavior…and that I have never heard of it before… so he said there are likely many others like him…so we decided to take a poll… where do you do your toothbrushing?? And if it is anywhere but the bathroom… where do you keep your toothbrush???

This should be interesting!!

Bathroom only, but i brush along with/for my daughter at same time. She loves to mimic whatever I do so it’s a great way to help her build a good habit. Though it generally devolves into her finger-painting on the mirror with water and drinking out of cupped hands and laughing a lot.


But can I say…my ex was one that brushed on the way to work, in the car. In fact, he kept his toothbrush and toothpaste in the car.

I brush all over the place like your hubby. although I have a different schedule in terms of working 24 hr shifts and when people call 911 so i kinda just wing it at home i multi task so brushing is usually happening while homework is getting done or chasing down a two yr old lol

I brush many times a day, and its in the bathroom, but I have know people who do it in the shower…

I have seen people do it in there car. I have taken my tooth brush and tooth paste with me, I have a plasic cup filled with water, brush, swish with water, spit it out, and then fill again and rinse my tooth brush. Cover the tooth brush and put it place, my purse or a carry bag with all my insulin junk in it to.

my hubby and I just do it in the bathroom and in front of the sink…we’re boring like that :slight_smile:

I’m a Bathroom only kinda brusher :slight_smile:

Bathroom only, but I’ve been known to do so in the car (when I know I won’t be home for awhile).

Follow-up question: Are most people given to a particular pattern when brushing, e.g., always starting in the upper left posterior quadrant? If so, have you ever tried starting somewhere else? I make myself crazy sometimes with this kind of thing…

lol, i definitely brush everywhere except the bathroom…but, i never leave my toothbrush anywhere…i spit and rinse in the bathroom still!

Guess I’m boring, bathroom only, unless my kids start yelling about something, then I investigate.

Wow. What a topic. :slight_smile: I tend to move around while I’m brushing my teeth. But I start and stop at the bathroom sink.

I do top right quandrant outside, then inside, then lower right quadrant in similar fashion. Then I go and do the left the same way. I finish up with the backs and fronts of the upper and lower front teeth. I wonder what this indicates.

SFPete, it means that it would be fun to interrupt you, then watch as you attempt to recall where you left off…

I start and end in the bathroom, I tend to move about as I brush. I do the top left back, then the bottom right, then top left, then ending with the top right. And if I am interrupted I have to start all over. I know, I’m weird about it.

I may start wandering if I’m brushing my teeth and something distracts me, such as a news segment I want to see, a noise from outside, something shiny…well, pretty much anything. I’d say I wander about 60% of the time and stay at the sink from start to finish 40% of the time. Like others who wander, when I do wander, I start and end at the sink. And yes, I keep my toothbrush at the bathroom sink. :slight_smile:

I only brush my teeth at the bathroom sink.

I keep my toothbrush in the bathroom but brush in my bedroom.

It stays in the BR and I only brush in the BR. However, I don’t think there is a law about it…yet.