Oprah and endo visit

my A1C is 5.6! down from 5.8, well i must be doing something right and i’m not even on the pump yet! … I think this may have something to do with it… i’ve cut out carb for lunch, eat protein 3 meals a day, do vigorous ballet training, have been crazy busy with class, so i basically haven’t stopped. Maybe my bodies doing some kind of spring detox.

okay another thing, did anyone see Oprah today??? that urinalysis toilet developed in japan had to be the neatest thing ever, gotta get me one of those, who needs those crappy 'ol ketone machines with that technology hey? haha. And that 85 year old man who has the blood pressure of a 13 year old was amazing. Everytime i watch dr.oz it makes me want to live off of Brussel sprouts and try and live till i’m 150