Orange Juice in the Office


I use Lifesaver gummies. In my purse, easy access everywhere. Easy to dose with the label carb count.

I really dislike OJ. After all my years of T1, it’ll make me sick so fast. Think it’s my age, my experiences, and the acidity.

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Welches makes Fruit Snacks in small 0.9 oz packages (box of 40) that are great. Not so much like eating candy. Made with condensed real fruit juice, about 12 pcs and 20 g. carbs per package. I carry 2 in my handbag at all times because they are so light and a pkg. will fit in a pocket when walking. I don’t work, but do enjoy the Tropicana 10 oz. bottles and refrigerate at home what I don’t use. At night I keep the smaller boxes of oj/apple juice on my bedside stand and in our car consoles too.


@Elyssia_Reedy I once stayed at a house for patient families while they were hospitalized. There was a community refrigerator and each room had a bin assigned to them. I didn’t want to keep my insulin in community space, so they brought me a small, plug-in refrigerator for drugs such as insulin. It was several years ago, but I remember it was very small, but worked perfectly! I imagine in an office type situation, where outlets are available, you’d be able to get a fridge small enough for some OJ. A lot of the posts above show some small ones. Best of luck to you!


Curious how many carbs to raise BG? When I’m under 60, I eat 15 jelly bellies, wait 30 mins then 15 more-sometimes my blood sugars keep going down. Usually stop at 40 carbs to level off then rises to over 300. I’ve had type 1 over 53 years- taking longer to increase. My dr says just wait after 15-30 carbs yet this may take over an hour… feedback please!


It depends.

What is the slope of the cgm graph when it went low.
Was there any unusual exercise involved.
Is there IOB
What were recently eaten foods
What is the current basal rate
What is the type of carb being used to treat the low

It would not be unusual for us to eat more carbs than required for the low and take insulin at the same time. Even though low. Not always but sometimes. Depends on if hungry (or mealtime) anyhow.


Welcome @Tbk
It’s a sliding scale and like Tim35 says can vary for different reasons. Usually if I am sleeping at night and I fall below 60, it takes more than 15 carbs to bring me to my comfort range of over 110 plus. It can take up to 30 carbs to bring me up enough so I don’t just get another alarm in an hour. I will just sometimes really decide to drop at night.

But if it’s during the day, I figure I can just adjust again if need too and I usually stick to about 15 carbs for under 60, knowing that will usually work to bring me out of the danger zone and just keep an eye on my BG that I raise enough and steady out. I am happy being anywhere from 90-115 during the day. But if my arrow just keeps pointing down on my CGM, I will add more carbs.

A few things can make that vary. Exercise, like snorkeling, and the dentist are things that make me really drop and pretty fast too. I usually try to start out higher than I want to be and Temp lower my basal on my pump. But if my lowered basal calculations aren’t right it will easily take 20-40 carbs.

Plus if I am somewhere I don’t want to be bothered with another drop, I will take more to be a safer “higher” than to risk going low again. Or if that low was really drastic and left me feeling bad, I am more likely to want higher carbs than 15.

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Interesting about the jelly beans; I’ve always like liquids for faster response to lows. I keep Clif Shot Energy Gels (chocolate) in my bag for on the go, and hiking. By my desk, bed and in the car I keep Sunripe juice boxes (mango!). I have mango juice in the fridge too, but when I’m drinking it fast I like it room temperature. (Love the idea of a desk fridge if you like the fresh stuff though) mango%20juice%20group_1

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I used to use liquid carbs until the bulk (can’t carry in a pocket), the mess (a can of Hawaiian Punch ruptured behind the passenger seat and went undetected for a very long time, causing a huge cleanup problem). Finally, have you ever drunk from a juice box that’s been sitting in a car parked in the summer time? Totally disgusting.

I am so over liquid carbs, unless it’s something at home. :slight_smile:


how about a small personal cooler. pt your juice in a container and surround with ice.

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There are multiple insulated thermoses out there.
I have one by the brand name of Contigo that has worked for me for over a twelve hour period. Traveling with it, I’d fill 'er up with ice and my insulin and it lasts the entire, very long trip.
You’d be surprised. Same would work for OJ. Also, OJ can warm to room temp and still be just fine. Not that I want to drink warm OJ, (I have) but it still works the same. There’s still sugar carbs in it no matter what the temp.



Welcome to the community @todd_mack, Thanks for joining the discussion.


Thanks @Marie20! Problem solved.


WOW @Jim_in_Calgary that’s impressive. I didn’t think anything could beat a Coke but I have found they do run a close race with me.

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Thank you @todd_mack I’ll check the insulated thermoses out. I used to carry an excellent freezer pack when I would travel for the insulin but I left it in a darn hotel room fridge. Those little mini fridges are great until you’re in a hurry to leave. lol


THIS is extremely cute.


@Tapestry I just got word today that a co worker will quite possibly bring me a mini-fridge that he doesn’t use to keep in my office. What a blessing!

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@Dave44, summer vacation juice boxes left in the car during a day at the water park can be quite delicious, they have their own flavor of plastic. :grinning:


I do this quite often but very carefully.


@Kathlyn those are delicious but I don’t know if they adhere to the strict diet I follow, however a great suggestion for someone else!


Thanks @Liz! I’ll hopefully be getting a mini fridge in here soon do to a very generous co-worker.