Orbit Micro Infusion Sets and Lithium Pump Battery

When I started using the Orbit Micro infusion sets, I was told by their rep to put my pump delivery on “slow” and to only use alkaline batteries in my pump. That using a lithium battery would somehow make the insulin delivery by the pump not as good as if I used an alkaline battery. I’m going through batteries much quicker than when I was using a lithium battery. Do any of you who use the Orbit Micros use a lithium battery in your pump all the time with no problem? I asked them to explain the problem and I was told that it would take too long to explain it but to just use the alkaline.

Who told you to do this, the Orbit people or your Animas rep? When I was using the micros I just kept on using lithium batteries as normal… and I had no problems.

It was the ICU rep…orbit people. He was pretty strong about it. If no one else has a problem, I’m going back to the lithium batteries.

This sounds bogus to me. Power is power…and current is current. It makes no difference whether it’s coming from a Lithium or Alkaline battery, except that the Lithium battery will last longer.

Go with Lithium…

Thanks. I can’t imagine why he could care what type of battery I use. Plus, Animas said they didn’t know any reason why it would matter.

Sounds silly to me.
I love, love, love my Orbit micros - AND my setting is Fast delivery and I only use Lithium batteries.

I wouldn’t think the battery would have anything to do with the infusion but I don’t know for sure. How are the orbit infusions inserted? I’ve only used insets for 5 yrs so that’s all I really know how to use. I’m thinking about getting a sample of the orbit. Is there an inserter or do you do it manually?

Thanks Cheri. If you haven’t had any problems then I’m back to lithium batteries. It makes a really big difference using alkaline batteries and having to change them out so much.

I started using the Orbit Micros because the Insets would kink and that drove me nuts. I tried several steel sets, Contact Detach (Animas) and Rapid D (Accu-Chek) and I reacted to the steel cannulas. That’s not a problem with the Orbit. The Orbit Micro does not have an inserter and I actually think I like that better. I don’t know about the Orbit infusion set that isn’t a steel set. Maybe someone else here knows about them. I do love the Orbit’s blue tubing and the rotation, but I’m less in love with the profile of the infusion set. It’s a little higher to enable it to rotate. The ICU representative says they are working on a lower profile set, but he thinks we may lose the rotation. They’ve had lots of complaints/requests for a lower profile from younger users.

Oh I hope they don’t change it! I know it’s a bit higher but the rotation is one of the main selling points! It is so nice not to have to pre-plan or figure out which direction the clip-thingy is pointing :slight_smile:
Orbit micro’s gauge is so tiny that self-insertion is a snap!

I agree, on both points. Plus, without the inserter, it’s easier for me to put it on the upper part of my hip area, slightly towards the back. With the inserter, I couldn’t ever get it in straight back there, because I have short arms and of course I can’t see.

Thanks for filling me in on it. I would just have to really read the directions on how to insert it because I’ve never done one without an inserter. I’ve also never used a steel set. Knowing me, I’d probably end up doing something really silly so that it didn’t work, but ultimately I’d probably be able to do it. lol. I think the fact it rotates and the blue tube is brilliant. Most people seem to like the orbit.

I was pretty nervous about not having an inserter when I first started using the Orbit Micros, but it’s really easy. I just pinch up some skin and push it in like a thumbtack. To me, it’s easier than giving an injection. You’d have a really easy time of it.

Absolutely nothing to it - it is straight in - I don’t even pinch. It would be hard to screw up, if not impossible. The key point is, the gauge is so small (as in “micro”), you barely feel it.

For me, steel is the only way to go…it’s clean and creates no Teflon irritation that drives me crazy.