Orbit Micro problems and other infusion set issues

Has anyone else experienced “No Delivery” or dodgy delivery problems with the Orbit Micro infusion set? I really liked them when I first started using them — part of that was probably just the novelty of the thing — but they don’t seem to be very reliable for me. I had the same delivery problems with Medtronic Quick-Sets, so I’m wondering if it’s something to do with the 90° insertion. Silhouettes have been pretty reliable, except for occasional crimping of the cannula — maybe the 13mm would work better for me than the 17mm.

Anyone have any strong recommendations? I’m not a fan of inserters — would rather just jab the thing in myself. I’m medium build and pretty active.


Have you tried the Sure-T’s , which come in 2 lengths …5 mm and 8 mm ( MMT-874) ?..the only problem I have , is tubing is 60 cm long…I prefer longer…I have asked Medtronic via several folks to supply but have not been advised yet.No need for an inserter . I also wonder if MM stands behind their product with the use of Orbit Micro ( not a MM product ) ?