Well there goes another food. Or at least I need to try moderation. I had a bit of a crazy moment after a very sensible lunch, and ate 4 Oreos. I felt the spike, now that I know what I’m looking for. At the 1 hour mark my BG was 160 again. :frowning: It went back down to 133 after 2 hours. I don’t know how “bad” that is. I know reading a lot of people’s posts they would probably love to have that BG, but I still have a headache and it has been almost 5 hours since I ate those. :frowning: I think I need to start going for a half-hour walk after I eat lunch. Lunch is going to be my problem meal, apparently.

Have you seen a nutritionist? It might help you to do that. Even after doing this for 30 years, I like to go every few years for a ‘tune-up’. Last time I went, she gave me some good advice on things I can fine-tune. I also like to go because it’s good to get some positive feedback and encouragement. I wouldn’t go just for that necessarily, unless maybe I was having motivation issues, but it’s a nice side benefit. I just read a study (I can’t remember where I saw it though…) that said diabetics who regularly meet with a nutritionist have fewer hospitalizations and lower health care expenditure. Newbies should definitely go, but even vets can benefit.

Oreos have MANY more carbs in them than you would think!! I was surprised by that at first… Some people avoid foods like this all together-- I rather take the moderation approach, but put in place systems to enforce it (somehow I actually feel like I HAVE to follow my own rules). For example, if I can prove to myself that I can really eat one Oreo then STOP, then I’m allowed to buy Oreos. If it turns out that I can’t stop (or repeatedly don’t stop), then I don’t buy those foods any more. It gives me an incentive to not over-indulge, but still I get to enjoy the things that I love in moderation.

You will figure out your own systems. I think that we are all unique, but just wanted to share mine. I think the most important thing is not to beat yourself up over past decisions!

I’m very impressed by how you are so on top of things right away!! I think you’re going to be a PRO at diabetes management before you know it!

very good adice from two of the best advice-givers here! I’ve had the beast for 41 years, and recently went to a CDE and a nutritionist for a tune-up, and it’s been one of the best things I ever did.

Reading your other post about family support, I would also recommend taking your husband with you to dr and CDE appts. Then it’s easier for you to be on the same page. I also think you do need to test more right now, while you’re getting used to everything. I asked my dr to give me prescriptions for testing 10 times a day. I feel nervous if I go more than a few hours without testing.