OT – Someone needs help & not sure what to do

I was up early & looked at the stats for my blog. Someone used the search term “how can a type 1 diabetic commit suicide” to get there. Awhile ago, I wrote an article titled “suicide letter” talking about cyber-bullying so I guess that is why they landed on my blog.

I had their IP address and it was showing that they were in San Antonio so I Googled the San Antonio police department & called them. The officer I talked to did not seem to care and did not even ask me my name or number. She said that without an address, they can’t do anything. I know they can get the address from the person’s ISP.

I don’t know what to do but I feel like I need to do something to help this person.

Thanks John, unfortunately, I don’t have the money to spend right now or I would.

Kelly, it may be worth sending the info here http://cyberpolicestation.com/ . There is a contact link. Not their mission, but they may be able to direct you.

Thank you - I will try that!

You might also call your local Suicide Hotline # and ask them advice. They might have more experience in how to trace and access people and they will definitely care more than the San Antonio police seemed to! I’m sorry but I don’t understand anything about blogs or about IP addresses. Do you know the person’s ID on here or their e-mail?

I believe you have to get a court order in order for you to know who was assigned an IP address. This is done to protect people. Think about it. Lets say that someone ask that based on what you wrote on this blog they get your IP address. Once they have your ip address and know who you are they could potentially hack into your computer and retrieve your financial information and any personal information. I know you mean well but the laws that were ment to protect people sometimes put road blocks for people who may need help.

Zoe, I think when I called the National Suicide Hotline, it transferred me locally - there was a recording saying they would transfer me to a local office. I am guessing they did that based on area code. I don’t know either the ID or email - I don’t even know if they are a member of TuD. It was my WordPress blog that it happened with. If it was TuD, that would make it easier! I Googled suicide in San Antonio and they seemed to have alot of suicides that came up - I guess that is not a good place to live.

I am sure you are right, but I just feellike I need to try and help this person. I would feel horrible if there was a way I could stop them and I did not try.

Was the Suicide Hotline helpful at all? They are definitely the ones with experiene, not only dealing with people who call in who are suicidal, but tracking people if necessary to send help.

Nope, she couldn’t offer anything. My thoughts when I hung up was I hope no-one actually considering suicide talked to her.

How frustrating. I usually have a lot of respect for the hotline! What about your blog? I really know nothing about how that works. Is there a way you can put a responding comment directed at the person who posted? Just on the off chance he checks back? If nothing else you can direct him to call the Suicide Prevention Hotline. They are usually very well trained in how to respond to suicidal callers (if not to helpful citizens who are trying to locate someone in trouble).

Youve obviously got me thinking about this now. I’ve worked with a lot of suicidal people and know that talking to someone really does help. But I also know that sometimes you can’t help and you just have to do your best and then let go (like you might have to this time). If it helps, it does sound like this person is still reaching out which is a good sign.

I posted something on my blog this morning the same type of thing I posted here - if anyone has suggestions how to help this person.

They weren’t really looking for help though, they were looking for ways to do it! But I think that could be a call for help.

Yes, it could. People who really want to do it, find a way and don’t talk to anyone who might intervene. It sounds like you’ve done what you can. If it helps, many many more people have suicidal ideation and make some form of attempt than actually “complete” suicide.

I have heard that before. Of course my sister the skeptic said that maybe they were looking to commit a crime and were trying to figure out how to do it (like kill someone and make it look like suicide!). Another friend said maybe they had a friend that died and they thought it could be suicide and were looking for information on how someone could do it.