'Other' diabetes

As a 'Type Weird', I chose 'other' when asked to select what type of diabetes I have. I was wondering if it would be possible when choosing 'other' to manually enter exactly what type of 'other' as this would help in connecting people and also help raise awareness. At the very least, it would be nice if it could show up on the profile page. (For the record, there are at least five equally accepted names for the 'Type Weird' that I have.) Thank you!

You should type "Type Weird" on there. :D I like it.

As the originator of the term Type Weird, I would LOVE to see other people using it -- there has to be SOMETHING for those of us that don't fit into any of the pigeonholes!

Welcome to my world!


Natalie ._c-

Can I use this Type Weird as well?

Of course! My original goal was for people to know that they couldn't treat me as a classic Type 2, because I wasn't. As time has gone on, I've become less and less like a Type 2, and more and more like a Type 1, but I'm still Type Weird!!

Hello Natalie, apologies for not crediting you with coining this most apt and wonderful phrase in the original post! (I'm sure I did name drop you the first time I used it on here though :)

I can't remember when I started using it, but I've been on a diabetes mailing list for about 18 years, and in the beginning, I was very frustrated with the advice I was getting from the professionals. Diet and exercise are always good things, but I was still going up to 240 whenever I ate anything; I was down by the next meal, so they said everything was OK, but if that was so, why did they diagnose me as diabetic at all? Then when I stopped coming down, I tried sulfonylureas, absolutely nothing happened, so I asked the doc to put me on insulin (which is apparently rare!) and he agreed. I wasn't following what was supposed to be the usual pattern of Type 2, which is oral meds for about 10 years or so. Plus I wasn't obese, and got very symptomatic before I went on insulin. So I started calling myself Type Weird, just to show that I didn't fit in the box. I honestly think I have some unusual form of Type 2 which hasn't been described -- my grandmother and uncle were non-obese Type 2's, but my mother never got it at all, and she lived to be 80. So much for inheriting it from a parent! On the Type 2 questionnaires, they always ask if you have a parent or sibling with Type 2, and for me, the answer is NO! None of my cousins have it, either.

I'm glad to find other people with a similar experience of being different!