I just figured out that I’ve tested my BG about 49,000-50,000 times. After a while I don’t think it mattered much where I stuck my fingers (not thumbs, though, ouch!) . Come to think of it, the photo is a little creepy, isn’t it. LOL

This pic is a good example of where nurses will stick your finger if you give them a chance in the hospital. They always pick either the pad or the tip. Ouch!

I’ll use the side of the thumb, though.

Idea for an image: End of a finger with small bead about to touch end of strip. 3-2-1… Happy WDD!

I use all my fingers which include my thumbs.

Haha… mine only seem to hurt when the lance is dull as a ball point pen and needed to have been changed about a trillion sticks ago… LOL (clearly an exaggeration)

I am a five finger, pad lancer, so no it did not weird me out. bit for the side lancers, i do feel sympathy. If I saw a side lance, i might have to sign off. Man side lances hurt me like crazy.

rick phillips

Nope does not bother me…I use the pads and sides. and all fingers, except the thumbs. My fingers must be tough or something! LOL

That’s why I stress to my patients to speak up and tell the nurse where YOU want to be stuck or to ask to do it yourself!

I’m the same as Kelly and Judith!


Last time I was in the hospital I took my own meter and lancet. What ever they poke you with at the hospital is roughly the size of a steak knife, it left bruises and really hurt! Most of the nurses were cool with me poking myself but they did insist on using their meter.

thanks for being sensitive to the patients needs. It really means a lot!


I am able to use the back of my calf, the inside of my forearm left too many marks. Please talk to her doctor before using alternate sites as they are not as responsive to changes.


After thinking more about the image, I think Kelly’s idea of having several skin colors is the best. How else could “World” Diabetes Day be best illustrated? Isn’t it amazing how powerful images are? Happy testing everyone!

I have a buddy that can take it on his hand and arm too

I also use the pads, always have, it was how my parents were shown maybe and the unwieldy equipment of the time (early 80’s). The pricker was about the size of the bottom of a soda can and there was a yellow slide in guide hole to aim the lancet, which incidentally you stuck in a clip on the exterior of the unit and actually could see it snapping toward your finger.
I am also the same about the pointer and thumbs.

TBH it never occured to me to be grossed out/queasy looking at it from my graphic designers point of view it’s communicating good news (thumbs up) and diabetes, just because I personally choose not to use my thumb doesn’t mean others don’t, in the same way i use the outside three pads of each hand, probably my left more than my right.

I assume this ad is aimed at, a general public which includes Diabetics, not specifically PWD, I assume this as WDD is to raise awareness about D.
A technically accurate image doesn’t exist because we all do it differently. and sometimes I misjudge it and get a drop of blood even bigger than that.
So something close to illustrate a clear and distinct message to everyone incorporating a clever gesture is great, personally I think they are both great examples, though the WDD one could do with some variations in skin tone Good job well done.
Lou (artiste and designer winks with tongue in cheek LOL) x

Thank you so much, Luisa, this is very helpful. :slight_smile:

Good, I used a stock graphic… but I will try to take some pictures my self for the countdown. Thank you all, this is helpful. :slight_smile:

i like using the sides of my middle and ring fingers but i’m guessing that an extended middle finger wouldn’t put off a good image either!! :slight_smile: