Our Addition, ADA Bathroom

Aside from my Type 2 diabetes our adult son J (25) has epilepsy, presently his bedroom and the sole bathroom in our house are on the second floor and the time has come to add a first floor ADA compliant bathroom and bedroom both from a safety perspective but also for his overall wellbeing, and freedom of movement. My father and grandfather both being Type IIs eventually ended up as amputees, and blind on my father’s part for the last couple of years (died @ 79), so I know there’s a strong chance that I’ll need an ADA bathroom in my own future, and some of you might too.

J is ambulatory but needs a wheelchair for showering, etc. The shower enclosure will be ADA compliant with a minimal lip, with a temperature control valve, an overhead heater to prevent chills. The camode will be slightly higher than normal with grab bars on both sides with adequate space around it that if he does fall he will not hit his head, enough space to transfer out of a wheelchair if needed. The bathroom door will be a sliding pocket door both to make the best use of a small space (8 x 9’6") and to prevent him from blocking the entrance in the event of a siezure (it’s happened more times than I can count in the past).

Beyond the bath other features of the 16’ x 36’ addition include a sliding glass door in J’s bedroom, both for natural lighting and quite frankly to help medical first responders. J has been carried down the stairs on a stretcher a half dozen times or so. Like the bathroom pocket door this door will allow us access to his room if he blocks the interior door after a fall. He’ll have a little deck out front for sitting outside, we’ll eventually be able to pull our car right up to his deck for daily transportation needs.

In the rear of the addition he’ll have a 14’ x 16’ exercise / living area. The addition will be heated by in-floor hydronic heating coils which should prevent drafts, sudden temperature changes trigger siezures with J.

Well that’s the overall plan, next week I hope to post a little about VA financing, tax write offs. The plumber came yesterday and we’re dreading to see his estimate but know it’s likely to be the most expensive cost of the addition.

Well, you have you're work cut out for you there! Are you sure you're going to have the time for the gardening?

He's going to be happy to have 'his own place'

Haha, I know. We did a lot of the heavy work in the garden last year, fence and developing the beds, this year we hope to just improve it a bit, use it for relaxation. We're lucky to have lots of family and friends helping out on the addition, we seriously couldn't afford to do it otherwise.