Our baby has arrived!

Reid Alexander was born on 5-21-18 via c-section at exactly 37 weeks. 6lbs 4oz and healthy! He had one or two borderline low blood sugars in the first 12 hours but regulated himself very quickly. He never left our room for any additional care.

I went in the night before for cervidil and then started pitocin that morning. After hours of the highest dose of pitocin we made absolutely NO progress. No further dilation or effacement at all. We were offered a second day of induction to see if anything happened, but because there was absolutely no progress it was almost certain it would end in a c-section anyway. We opted for a calm planned c-section that evening instead of putting my body (and his) through another day of induction.

I was on an insulin drip starting the morning of the induction and stayed on that for about 24 hours before putting my pump back on. It was a surprisingly amazing experience - they were great at managing it and it was nice to be able to recover and not worry about my insulin for a few hours. I was able to keep my Dexcom on for the whole stay in the hospital.

My a1c was between 4.9 and 5.2 the whole pregnancy and was 5.0 at the end, but I have to admit I’m pretty surprised by how uneventful the whole experience was and and that he ended being a completely average size for 37 weeks!! I hope my experience is somewhat helpful to read!

Keep up the good fight! It’s SOOOOO worth it!!!



Thanks for sharing this WONDERFUL news with us.

Congratulations !!!


Congratulations! Sorry you had the c-section but in the end you had a happy healthy baby and that is all the matters! So very proud of you and so glad to went so well!
I also tell people, my pregnancies were pretty easy from a diabetes stand point. I just didn’t really like being pregnant. Diabetes made it harder but really wasn’t a big deal.
Enjoy you new baby! It is the best job out there, being a parent!

Great news!!! A new baby makes you look at life from a new perspective.

Congratulations !!!

Congratulations! Hold that baby as much as possible. They grow up so fast!