Our Decision Shots over Pump

I wanted to do this blog to share why we decided to take my son off the pump. A lot of people's reactions were "Why would you ever do that?"I want people to understand that you don't have to be on an insulin pump to have great diabetes management. First of all we loved the Animas Ping insulin pump. It does all the math for you and I could bolus him from another room. It also kept a history log of what his blood sugar was and how many units of insulin he got. It made it so easy for Preschool they didn't have to give him a shot they could just bolus him from the meter. It made it so easy for other people to care for him. When he was diagnosed all we would think about was when can he go on a pump. We heard so may great things about the pump and how life would be so much better once he was on a pump. I didn't even think that shots could be something you could do. We got the pump in October of 2012 3 months after he was diagnosed. When he was on the pump his numbers were crazy he would go from being perfect to being high and then back down to low. His moods were all over the place he was happy one second and then the next he was mad I don't think he was ever happy. We went to the endocrinologist and they could never figure out why his numbers were like this. But now looking back I know why. We had so many problems with his sites we did the legs they would never work and then they would kink. His butt worked really well but he started to build scar tissue so we couldn't use his butt anymore. His belly wasn't working because he's a little boy he's very active and likes to run around and slide off of things and he kept ripping his site off. Basically having a pump consumed our lives I would always be worried about his pump site and every time he was playing I would say "Watch out for your pump site." He was always worried if his pump site was okay. So in August of 2013 we took him off the pump we were just so tired of dealing with it and the final straw was he had kinked 4 sites in a day. We just couldn't do it anymore it was awful his numbers were all over the place and we were changing sites all day long. So we switched to shots. We are so happy now and now looking back I don't know why we didn't switch back sooner. We just feel so relieved now you can give him a shot and know insulin is in his body and we don't have to think about if the insulin got in because of a kinked site. So I just wanted to share our experience I know that everyone has their own way of managing diabetes and that some people love the pump. But right now this is just what works best for us.

I have never been able to afford a pump, and have had people judge me in an unkind way, several times. In fact, sometimes when I go to local meet ups I feel ashamed to take out my needle and syringe while everyone else pulls out their pump.
Thank you for this post. It helped me a lot!

Wow Kate, I'm sure it's a relief to have a method of insulin delivery that works for your son. I spent 38 years doing shots before switching to a pump last year. I got an Omnipod because I did not want tubes. I'm really happy with my choice and the improved control I have achieved especially during exercise. In the end though it doesn't matter how the insulin gets in just that it does get in. You just need something that works for you, the hell with what anyone else thinks.


Just do what you need to do for the betterment of your Son's well-being. He can go back on the pump if/when he is ready to, later.

I was dxd. at age 3 in 1961 and will be celebrating my 53rd year with Diabetes
soon. I was never on a pump(my choice) and haven't felt like I needed to be on one although it was suggested a zillion times here.

I too like knowing that my Insulin is going where I need it to be without having that worry follow me around all day. I was not impressed with all the junk to carry around and the other Cons. I also don't have the patience for gadgets that fail too often. I'm still going strong Diabetes-wise and I could care less about having a pump. A better CGM of the future does interest me though. Many People have dropped their pump or taken vacations from it. Many others stick with it and that's fine too.

Just ignore the unnecessary and unwanted comments. You don't need to explain it to anyone. Best wishes to you and your Son. :)

kate, you and all d parents must have the hardest job ever! i can understand why you stuck with it and trying for so long! i, like kathy, would never be able to afford the pump, but the fact that everyone raves about how it makes life so much better and is such a step up from mdi has always made me want to have one.
as terrie said, he can always try it again in the future. what works for now works for now!

what a struggle and stress, I always kind of thought pumping was stressful especially for an active little one, and worrying over if the dose went in when you are constantly battling highs, for Jacob as a teen and probably your son when he is there it seems a better option with him being independent and self conscious he would rather bolus with a pump than a needle plus he eats all the time! but for your guy the pump was clearly not working so good for you, I would feel much safer in your situation as you do also I am sure. we had a lot of struggles with pumping also but a lot better with the newer model of the omnipod. the pump is not a pancreas after all it is just another way to get insulin in, I work with doctors that actually thought it worked more like a pancreas, not testing put it on and forget it, only we that walk the walk get it! good luck with your little sweetie. blessings, amy

do what works. i don't feel weird about explaining why i am not on a pump yet. shots work better for me. my body, my choice.

I went off the pump a little over a year ago for similar reasons! I LOVED the pump when it was working correctly with no technical errors. But the pump with the issues I was having was terrible. I would get terrible swelling at my site on my love handles, and my legs would results in "No delivery" and my stomach just didn't really work well either.

I wish I could be on the pump with no reactions, but shots have been easier lately. I even tried going back on, but I would still get the reactions/bad readings/pump errors. :(

Can we just get a cure already?1 :)