Our Dexcom G6 experiences


I had read somewhere in the last few weeks that the G6 sensor code is like the old calibration codes that were associated with a vial of test strips. It was a way to calibrate the meter with a batch of test strips. The post I read noted that s/he had one code common to two if the three sensors in the three sensor box.

This sensor code was talked about a lot in relationship with the pre-release speculation as to how Dexcom would deter restarts. When people started to point out that codes were often duplicated, that argued against the sensor code number being part of the re-start deterrence design.


They could have used letters and numbers to increase the unique codes, as they do on their transmitters.

Reminds me of the days of Y2K, and computer programs dealing with a 2 digit year.


How old is you T1? My 5 year old is having similar issues with G6. He is on his 8th insertion. It’s crazy. Dexcom obviously has replaced all the seasoned, but don’t really want to talk about the bigger issue. I think it’s a transmitter issue, but they have data from the cloud and can tell when it’s working or not. So they say. With summer and him being at different day camps all summer we rely on it working. We didn’t have these issues with G5 and are contemplating switching back.


My son is 15, we really wanted G6 to be great, but has not been the case for us. Too many sensor issues.


Has it gotten any better lately, Mila?


Sort of! No sensor errors, but not the adhesive issues. We have only been able to use a sensor for 10 days with 2 sensors. :pensive:

Dexcom sent us some over-patches but no luck still.


I don’t like those patches either but I haven’t really needed them for the G5. I thought I’d try them since they are free, but am quite unimpressed with their usefulness for sensor adhesion issues. I’ve found that, for me, using Skin Tac works much better. I’m quite aware that many, many CGM patients use a variety of other patches that they swear by. I like the K.I.S.S. principle, so that’s why I STICK with Skin Tac. :slight_smile:


My son can’t use Skin Tac! :frowning: It gave him a very bad skin reaction.


We’ve been using Grip Grips and Pump Peelz over our G5. Grif Grips seem to hold up better but the Pump Peelz look cooler. Also using the Grip Grips on her Omnipod.


Last night I got some samples of Stay Put, it’s the only one we have not tried.


I’m a 54 year old type 1. After just 3-4 days of wearing the sensor I get the sensor error. I’ve had the g4 and have upgraded whenever a new Dexcom is upgraded. Dexcom has replaced every sensor but my frustration is to stop replacing and help me get use out the sensor for more than 3-4 days! Readings are off after the sensor error stops. Ex. Dexcom 40 finger stick on meter 235 (may ask for calibration) then after a hour or so back to sensor error.


Sorry I’m wearing the g6 now


Hello. I have tried Medtronics 670g for the past 6 months and had nothing but issues. I switched back to Dexcom G6 last week and am extremely impressed so far. The sensor is only about 2-3 points off of my finger sticks where as Medtronics sensor was 30 points off- while in auto mode. The insertion was painless. I have missed the phone app- so very glad to be back to Dexcom!



The only way we have been able to keep the G6 sensor on is by using a hydrocolloid directly into the skin and the sensor on top. No other tapes, patches or anything have worked for us.

With this sensor we have a pattern of signal loss every morning from 5am until 8am, I thought it was due to compression but not the case.


location of sensor on body, location of sensor in relation to mattress, pillows, etc, and where is the receiver? how far? direct line of sight?

hydrocolloid dressing is a non-breathable dressing, correct?


If my sensor is against the mattress, there is a good chance the receiver can’t get the signal, even if it is within a foot or two. (G5)

When I sitting in my easy chair and have my phone sitting to my right on an endtable about 3-4’ from the sensor, which is on my left side, it nearly always loses the signal. the most bizarre signal loss that we have encountered is that my wife and I both have lost our signals to each receiver and each phone at the exact moment and the signals were re-established at the same time. All while sitting at our usual places, to watch TV. Logic fails to explain why that happened.



So many FACTORS! This sensor he was wearing it on his leg.

Correct, G5 gave him HORRIBLE skin reactions, so we have been using that for years.

We’ve seen that, but with G5 if he switched positions data would come back pretty quick, with G6 it takes up to 2 hours. :frowning:


is he wearing a receiver, or is it on a table, or is it a phone? My receiver is clipped to my shorts so i can feel the vibration alarm and it makes a great “nightlight” for going to the bathroom from a darkened bedroom.


We only use the receiver when he catches, but his phone is lees that 1 feet from him.


Could the issue be something to do with apple’s software kicking you out of bluetooth in the middle of the night? I use the spike app with my Libre and the app says if you are experiencing signal loss then keep your phone plugged in at night (or whenever you’re getting kicked out) to give your phone enough battery power to fight apple kicking you out.