Our Dexcom G6 experiences


If I were you, I’d ask for them to send at least a couple of the G5 sensors so that you have something to tide you over until the G6 xmitter becomes available. Availability of the G6 xmitter has been spotty for months. Even my G 5 xmitter got delayed by 5 days, 2 months ago.


Not sure if anyone else mentioned it, but we had an error during warm up and when I called Dexcom the asked how long between ending the old sensor and activating the new sensor. I told them about 1 minute with the new tech. I was praising how quick it was. They told me to wait 5 to 10 minutes before inserting and starting warm up on a new sensor. They said the transmitter can get screwed up and then the new sensor is useless. They of course sent out new sensors, but I use Skin Tack and it is awful peeling the old one off even with Tack Away. So - make sure that you wait atleast 5 to 10 minutes between activating a G6 sensor.


Also - we 0 for 6 at getting 10 days out of a sensor.


Unisolve with allow sensors or insulin infusion sets to come up with no effort. Let the stuff work for 1-2 minutes. Not all chemicals work as well as others for this purpose. Trust me–Unisolve WILL WORK fantastically.


And a small piece of advice for anyone who has dry skin (or other issues) from the Unisolve - wear gloves. I got a box of 200 thin plastic gloves, and can change the glove(s) if necessary when removing the Grifgrip extra taping over my CGM taping. It is much easier to remove the gloves than it is to get that remnant of stickiness off of your hands afterwards, and the chemicals in the Unisolve become a nonissue.


I’ve gone through 5 of the G6s and not one lasted until day 10. Each was replaced.

As of 9/24/18 the singles are on back order for several weeks, so here’s an idea I did that worked: Save up until you have 2 that need replacing. My guy sent me a box of 3 with overtape overnight for no charge! Now that’s what I call excellent customer service!


When you say they have not lasted, are they falling off, or are you getting a failure?

Also, where do you wear the sensors?


I wear them on my stomach. I prep with alcohol and even skin tack. Every one has fallen off. Finally got their overtape. That should work


Try this spot: it works great. On your upper buttocks off to the side a bit, just Under your belt line. So, if you were looking down on your head it would be the 4 and 8 o’clock position. Be sure its under your belt line so your pants/belts don’t keep rubbing against it.

Having it under your underwear and belt line really keeps it safe and protected. It will last all 10 days.


Hey guys,

I signed up on this site as I was googling and lo and behold, this thread addresses exactly what I was looking for. It was also a top hit on google so I don’t feel like I’m losing my mind and the only one with G6 problems. I have had only 1 sensor last 10 days and it was the first one I used. I am about a month and a half into my new G6. Here is a little timeline of my “not so great” experience:

1st: Worked for 10 days
2nd: same day I inserted it, I heard a pop about 2 hours in and noticed the side where you put the transmitter in first actually broke off the transmitter pad. Dexcom overnighted me a new one since I was on vacation
3rd: worked about 8 days then sensor error
4th: during warmup I got a sensor failure and told to replace. I tried restarting the brand new one to see if that worked and they don’t restart because of the coding
5: this was the one that replaced the 4th after immediate failure. lasted about 8 days. Dexcom sent a replacement after talking with them
6th: 8 days then failure
Current: started failing today which is 8 days. Dexcom tech was no help this time other than offering a new replacement sensor.

I just want the thing to work right. Today I was at work and it said I was 50 so I ate. It immediately went back into error and i got a reading 30 minutes later that said i was 150 so I said thats a quick shift and tested my blood. I was actually 246. Unbelievable!!!. I calibrated and it only changed to 196 so still about 50 units off. Then it went back into error and been there since. What really agitates me is that dexcom tells me they’ve never heard of issues like this with the g6, but this thread says otherwise. I’ll be calling them again later to voice my frustration.


As I have said before the only problem we have had was a trasmitter battery dying at around 29 days. So far every sensor has lasted 10 days (we are on our 5th one now). We changed one out last night. I also noticed we went an entire 10 days WITHOUT a single finger prick! My daughter was happy about that!


My 4 year old son is having nothing but problems with the G6. I actually don’t remember the last night I wasn’t up multiple times solving no data, false lows, or sensor failure problems. And the daytime is not much better. My workday is filled with texts to daycare about when to actually trust the Dexcom number and when to finger stick. The G6 is colossally poor at recovering from lows. It takes 15-20 minutes to reflect the new number. In the meantime, it keeps drifting down into lower and lower range, with scarier and scarier predictions (45 when he’s really fingersticking at 98, for example). If we were making treatments based on the G6’s data, his graph would be a ridiculous roller coaster of over treatment of lows. And it loses data constantly. I am furious ( compounded by lack of sleep and loss of on-task work time) that G6 was allowed out of clinical trials with its poor performance. I am planning to build a case for returning to the G5. Two fingersticks a day is NOTHING compared to what my poor kid goes through most days with fingersticka to compensate for G6’s inaccuracies or missing data. It’s also frustrating to hear all the good stories about how great deccom is working for others. I attribute it to my son being young and fairly lean. He’s only 40 pounds. Still, if it doesn’t work on kids, it shouldn’t be approved for their use. I wonder if the algorithms should be calibratable to age and weight?


We always use both: teachers carry the receiver at preschool, and ds wears an iPhone around his waist that then transmits to parents and school administrators using Dexcom Follow.


They only have 12 different codes!!!


I am officially DONE with the G6 after three disastrous months. G6 accuracy issues galore… I suspect that many who are crowing about G6 being accurate are not confirming with finger sticks. “bleeder” insertion issues on 3 of the 9. “sensor failure” on two during warm up. (four of nine sensors replaced… about the same total number of previous sensors I had replaced over the last seven years) frequent “compression lows” while sleeping. plus the inconvenience of a 10-day to the minute shutdown which always seems to occur an an inopportune time. and the G5 phone app (especially the graphs) is better than the G6 app also.
I have been a Dexcom cheerleader for over 7 years since leaving Medtronic, and from the Seven-Plus to the G4 to the G5, their products have been simply outstanding. but accuracy is the name of the game and the G6 is nowhere near as accurate as the G5, and has all the other issues I mentioned. I am VERY happy to be back on the G5 and pray Dexcom does not stop making the G5 for a long time. good riddance G6.


Dexcom G6 is my first CGM and I’m only on my second sensor but so far its been extremely accurate. The first 4-5 days I checked my blood with a contour meter 5+ times and the G6 was always with in ~5 points.

The first week I slept on my side putting a lot of weight on the sensor and got a false low reading. Once I woke up due the the alarm and rolled over it reverted back to a normal reading.

My only issue so far was my first sensor on day 6 started getting “Sensor error” every hour or 2. I called Dexcom two times and on the second they said to put on a new sensor and they would send me a replacement.

Just wanted to add to the reports that so far I’m very impressed with the accuracy and I do often recheck my readings. Any time I check with a finger prick I also calibrate (why waste the blood).


Kinda funny you’re blaming your son’s bad luck with G6 on his small size because I have been wondering if my bad luck with G6 is because I’m too fat for it. My first sensor was worthless reading off by ridiculous amounts (thinking I’m 40 when I’m 130). Second sensor started our just as bad then 12 hours in it miraculously and suddenly started marching perfectly the entire time. Third sensor asked for calibrations every day even though I used the code? Accuracy was decent for around 8 days then totally lost the plot. It was irritated too, so I pulled it. Now I’m 48 hours into 4th sensor and it has no idea what’s going on.


I’ve never had an accuracy issue “while its working”. I say it that way because as soon as it goes into “sensor error” it will not read correctly any longer.

Speaking of, I’m 5 days in on the next sensor and it’s been in sensor error since 7:45 this morning. It’s just about 11:15 so my next call is to Dexcom for yet another replacement. I just got my 2 replacements yesterday for the last 2 failed sensors.


Try drinking more water. When I am dehydrated I have gotten the Sensor Error. I usually start my day with 1 big full glass of plain water. Try it…


I drink a gallon to 1.5 gallons a day. Made no difference, unfortunately. I just got a reading after 5 hours out. I’ve had 4 bottles of water in that 5 hours.