Our Essential Wholeness

I often find myself using the term "essential wholeness" and have been contemplating it all day. I think it's the first thing I think of during the holiday season.

Our essential wholeness is that part of us that always remains - the core of our soul - that which nothing, not even diabetes, can destroy. Nor can it be depleted by difficult emotions such as fear, shame and anger (that often come along with us for the ride.)

It surfaces in the tiniest acts of faith and kindness - faith that each of our lives has a purpose and will make a difference to our friends, family, co-workers and woman behind us at the grocery store with a screaming toddler in tow.

It is nurtured by looking for beauty in the mundane. On my morning walk to the bus stop, there is a huge old oak tree at the top of the hill. This morning, with snow-covered branches, it looked like a loving grandmother with her arms outstretched, ready to give me a big hug. (And now I'm crying, thinking of my departed grandmas and their big holiday tables, with the chairs that are now emptied and replaced in the cycle of life).

Tomorrow, as we head toward New Year's Eve, remind yourself that we are all whole and complete, in spite of the physiological problems we may be dealing with. Life sustains itself, always and forever.

Much love to everyone here at TD. WE ARE F A M I L Y !!!!!

Blessings, dearest friend....Loving you, as ever.....

Kathy, there was a time, when I would have disagreed. IT was a dark time for me. Today I find things different. Much like the blog I wrote on New Years eve, I have been forced lately to think of this dark time. I really lost my prospective. thank you for writing this I appreciate you taking me deeper in the that time.

Thank you Kathy yours and my blogs tend to leave in this state of review.,

Thanks for your wisdom and perspective, Kathy. I hope you have the best year yet in 2014. So glad to know you!

Kathy, you are one of the great gifts in my life. Thank you! :-)

Just beautiful. somehow I missed this blog, glad I just found it, as right now it's exactly what I needed to hear. love ya, sis!