Our "Food Allergies"

Last night I went out for dinner with some old friends. Old -- we go back many decades, to elementary school. Old -- because we are, 50+. And our bodies have aged. My friend has Type 2, for a few years already.

We ordered our meals. Mine is very low-carb. Fish, vegetables. My friend looked at at the menu and had a hard time deciding.

"I am trying to eat healthy.".
I asked, "What is healthy?"
My friend explained, "Bread has to be whole wheat." When the waiter came over, my friend made sure there are no nuts or seeds in the food. "I'm allergic to nuts. Not extremely allergic, they must make me a little red, or congested."

"And what about the bread", I wanted to ask? "Aren't you more than a little allergic to that?" I wanted to ask.