Our future (check it out)









I can't believe how many people I come across in this community that believe there's nothing to look forward to. Well all I have to say is - check it out SUCKAHS.

Keep this forum going, if you have any links about any new d-management tech. or what ever - POST IT.

My moneys on Tejal Desai’s implant

yeah I was also surprised about the lack of hope as well. I know for sure things are going to get better. I’ll check out those links…Thanks.

Well, we’ve come a Long way since even the past 15 yrs, let alone longer back and Got to Believe things will be alot better in another 15 or less…
I look forward to the Solo Insulin Patch… Like Only need a Patch for my Basal Insulin and can use my insulin Pen for meals and CB’s… Just to get consistant over nite and AM BG’s btwn 80-110, every day would be great! ( now only ave that 5 out 7 days wk )

Not epecting much in a Total Cure for Post t1’s, but eliminating the Disease Before Birth looks like the best bet going with the Genome Project …maybe they will find a way to kill the bad guys that kill our iselt cells and a Stem Cell Transplant does it or we can just get New Islet Cells every 6 mos and no more Shots needed?

They’ve been able to extend our Lives by over 300% just in the last 25 yrs…!
I realize we are Outcasts to alot of people and many shun us… and pretty hard to have a relationship to marriage now , more than before thanks to the PC and Internet and so easy to find out all the Bad things about our Disease…

But, you just have to stay in the Best Shape you can, so you will BE in the Best shape to take advantage of improvements and cures when they come along…

Othewise? None of them will make anydifference to you if you don’t… So don’t give up Fatih …

Hope is all we have! I lived 37 years with this as a Type 1. Had 2 girls and have been married for 26 years! HOPE!!! When I got Type 1 in 73 all we done was urine testing now we have bg machines. Thas a BIG step ppl! When my pldest took Type 1 I was soooo upset til I deen what was out there for diabetics then abd from the links provided looks like there are trying lots more!