Our Future, today!

First of all I want to apologize because I haven’t been blogging in a very long time, but I went through a LONG PERIOD of writer’s block haha I just had nothing to say. Have you been in that situation? That you want to do something and when you finally have the opportunity something else holds you back, yeah I’ve been there and I hate that feeling!

Last month I had my graduation! I’m going to high school!! haha I’m very excited about it. Junior high was truly an amazing journey for me and my classmates and although I still don’t know what my future would be like I’m sure it will be full of surprises!

This is the time for us, Graduates to make the next step in our lives and also for me to realize that’s true what I heard someone said once “If you put your mind to it, you can achieve all your goals.” But it’s not only our faith or our believing spirit who will get us to the top, It’s also our hard work who will determine how far we’ll go.

After all, the dictionary is the only place were “Succes” comes before “work.” And don’t ever let anything hold you back cause you might regret it and unfortunately we can’t go back in time to repair all of our faults.

Let’s start building our future, today.

NOTE* And you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone so please don’t waste water, my city was seriously affected by hurricane alex and most people in here including me were without water almost for two or three weeks!