Our Humanity

We often find ourselves spending every waking minute thinking of our lives. What will I wear today? Who will I see? I wonder if this restaurant is open? Especially as a diabetic, our first thoughts in the day are about us. "How is my blood sugar?" Then every two and a half hours, we think about what we want to eat. Me. Me. Me
Who can blame us, our health is our primary concern.. as it should me. But sadness overwhelms me at times, (once again, it's all about me) I watch documentaries on North Korea, sex trafficking in India, prostitution in Iran. Suffering. There are people crushed. Children who are so skinny, their heads are too heavy for their bodies to carry. My heart breaks at those images. I want to throw myself around them, hug them, and tell them that outside of that torture, exists a life waiting to be used. That they are beautiful human beings, and that yes, it's not fair. It's not fair they are constantly starving while here in America are teenage girls throwing up their food because they don't want to be "fat." I sound arrogant, but it'd enraging! We want to be skinny, and "beautiful" but those children out there are dying from not enough food! I don't care at the moment at the self esteem issues some fifteen year old girl has, she is killing herself, while a seven year old is dying to live. I want people in our rich country, to know how precious the gift of life is. I don't know where my rant is going, but there's a sadness in me that turns to anger, but ends in a dull hope. I have promised to end my complaints on my life, and help those around me as much as I can. Urging my fellow peers to learn of the injustices going on in other places, soften your hearts to the hurting. In this society, let's teach everyone to love themselves, because we truly have it all. I know everyone has their issues, and everyone's problems matter. But what my message is, put aside the "me" and focus on "them."

There would be something seriously wrong with you if you didn't care enough to get upset at some of those things you mention. One of the hardest things to reconcile ourselves with is that we are given the ability to empathize with great suffering but must resign ourselves to the fact that an individual can only do so much about it. It's not at all fair or reasonable; it's simply life.

Judith, all our cats are rescues. Every single one.