Out of the hospital

I was released from the hospital on June 6th 2008 not because of diabetic complications but because I had a nervous breakdown basically and my bipolar disorder was out of control. I self-admitted myself on June 3rd. I had to be transported to another hospital because of the fact that the one I was at had no open beds which seemed to be with a lot of the hospitals in Salt Lake City. I ended up an hour’s drive away in Ogden UT. Where I first lived when I arrived in Utah. Some really bad memories there and part of my problem is there. Well anyways PTSD problems is there. Something terrible happened a few months after I arrived in Utah and I never thought that it would ever happen again. Boy was I wrong. That time was twice as bad as the first time. Anyways, I had medication changes and attended all the group therapies that I could. It was quite interesting the people that I met in there.

Anyways just an update on what’s going on with me.

I hope you feel better

Linda P

Hoping you are doing better Cherise !

Glad your home! I hope you feel better. It’s a shame hopsital’s don’t have enough room for their patients.


Hi Cherise, I hope you are continuing to get better. When you get a chance, please update us!
God Bless,