Outback Steakhouse nutritional information for ALL recipes

Hi I need carbohydrate counts for the individual serving of cheese fries, as well as a carbohydrate count for Sydney’s Sinful Sundae. Although we eat at this chain only three or four times a year max, I truly need this info as this is what my niece will choose to eat. I have tried bringing the Salter scale and weighing about 30 of the fries but, clearly, Outback must put a coating on their fries. I can find the carb count for Chocolate Thunder from Down Under but not Sydney’s Sinful Sundae. I can find Weight Watcher points for the sundae, but do not know how to translate the 13 points into calories and then carbs Why is Outback not held to the same standards as other chains when it comes to pu blicizing nutritional information? The carb count I have seen for the Fries (which I am hoping is the huge family version) is absolutely frightening

Check out Calorie King. They have the Cheese Fries and you can change the unit of measure by ounces, so if your niece has the scale, she can measure out a serving. She’ll need to account for the long-term effects of the crazy amounts of fat though, so unfortunately it’s still a guessing game. I found the Sundae's stats (which if I read that correctly, you’re talking 300g of carb and 65g of fat, which translates to over 1900 calories) on Calorie Lab.

As for the Weight Watcher points, unfortunately you can’t use that as much of a guide for figuring carbs. WW points are done on a formula where calories, total fat content, and fiber are considered ([total cal / 50] + [total fat / 12] - [total fiber (with a max of 4) / 5] = WW points). If you knew the amount of fat in a dessert, you might be able to figure carbs by figuring out the calories leftover in the meal after calories from fat are deducted, but that’s a bit of math to have to do.

I found years ago with Chili’s and other chains that if you write or call and ask about a specific dish, they will tell you. But because they claim that portion sizes and restaurant chefs vary by location, they refuse to disclose the relevant information in a public forum. They will tell you that they are happy to provide nutritional information for the “grill” or “lowfat” portions of their menu. No restaurant wants to admit what a terrible option their desserts and high-calorie foods are! And they feel justified in offering “healthy” options for those of us with health concerns.

Personally, I’d advise against those menu options for your niece. But if she goes for it, she’s got to be armed with the information to combat the disastrous effects.

The chains aren’t held to any standards. They publish them if they choose, or if some other organization takes it upon themselves to do the analysis and publish it. I don’t know much about the Weight Watcher plan, but there is no way to translate a certain point value to carbs. I just guesstimate to the best of my ability. I’ve gotten pretty good at it overall since I started carb counting 5 years ago. I also never eat the entire portions 'cause as we all know, most meals at chain restaurants like that are enough to feed two or three people. When I eat about 1/3-1/2, that’s generally what I would eat for a meal at home, so I take into account the amount of insulin I might take at home on average and obviously take what exactly I’m eating into consideration. You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to figure out exact carbs when eating out if it’s not readily available info, and really, it’s not necessary to have the exact number for every single meal. I’m sure this is an unusual meal, so guesstimate, and keep an eye on her BG for a few hours. If she ends up chasing a high, it’s not like that’s a problem that can’t be solved, nor is it the end of the world. Plus, next time you’ll know to adjust your guesstimate.

I don’t know how old your niece is, but on a somewhat personal (and possibly presumptuous) note, speaking from life experience, being really uptight and rigid with food-related issues has the potential to negatively influence her ‘relationship’ with food. Not only will you save yourself some stress, but you could be saving her from a lifetime of stress regarding food if you can relax about the food issues a bit. It’s not possible to do it perfectly, so don’t drive yourself nuts trying to do so.

P.S. I would leave the scale at home. If anyone had done that to me when I was a kid, I would have felt like a freak. Every instance of being treated differently or “special”, as well-intended as my family was, really made me feel terrible about myself.

Hi. We have an unobtrusive flat Salter scale. We were sitting as a family in one of their dark booths by the window and no one noticed. The effects on her BGs from a portion of the cheese fries and half the sundae were truly disastrous, based on our comparisons using Calorie King data. We have eaten at Outback perhaps four times since diagnosis and this is her favorite meal. If she is going to be able to eat here, even ocasionally, we have to get a better guestimate than what Calorie King provided. As I can see from Melissa’s post, we were way, way off in our guestimation. We guessed 60 grams for half the sundae. Turns out the sundae is more along the lines of 300 grams!!! Likewise, the fries. We were so very far off. She is 11 and we don’t normally take the Salter, but based on previous experience with Outback, we did bring it. She had about 30 of the fries. She has a healthy relationship with food and, for the most part, eats a healthy diet. Calorie King book, for almost every other instance, has worked well for us without resorting to dragging out the scale but in this case it was truly needed. As it turns out, we could have just as well left the scale at home.

Thank you so much for finding the sundae for me. I had finally found the Cheese Fries and I was truly shocked. I had counted the fries as I would any restaurant fry of a similar size. Although she only eats a scoop of the sundae and 30 fries, our “guestimate” basically amounted to more than half her grams of carbs not being bolused for. In addition, I found the blue cheese salad was 95 grams!!! She usually only eats a small portion of the salad as well. She loves this chain, but our visits will become even more infrequent. No way can she handle 200 plus grams of carbs at one sitting. Next time, though, we will be armed, thanks to you! She will have to chose either/or or much much smaller portions of both.