Outback Steakhouse nutritional information for ALL recipes

Hi I need carbohydrate counts for the individual serving of cheese fries, as well as a carbohydrate count for Sydney’s Sinful Sundae. Although we eat at this chain only three or four times a year max, I truly need this info as this is what my niece will choose to eat. I have tried bringing the Salter scale and weighing about 30 of the fries but, clearly, Outback must put a coating on their fries. I can find the carb count for Chocolate Thunder from Down Under but not Sydney’s Sinful Sundae. I can find Weight Watcher points for the sundae, but do not know how to translate the 13 points into calories and then carbs Why is Outback not held to the same standards as other chains when it comes to publicizing nutritional information? The carb count I have seen for the Fries (which I am HOPING is the huge family version) is absolutely frightening