Outside of your comfort zone

As both a business student and a member of the Cyclebetes team, I have the amazing opportunity to bring what I learn in the class room into Cyclebetes and what I learn form Cyclebetes into the classroom. One of the things that we do a lot of in the classroom is public speaking, something that (over time) I have become comfortable with. This isn’t the case, however, for everyone. Even at the forth year level, people still sweat, their nerves rattling their vocal cords as they speak - It is estimated that 95% of all speakers experience some form of anxiety/nervousness when public speaking.

This past weekend, myself and a few other students organized a Cyclebetes Spin-a-thon at Capilano University.
We had an excellent turn-out, with over 100 people coming and going through out the day, movies and music playing, Rock Band at one end, and a silent auction in the other. At the end of the day we had raised over $3,000 for JDRF.

At around 11:00, on the day of the event, Patti Philips, a nurse working in Diabetes care at the local hospital, came by to talk a little bit about Type 1 & 2 diabetes and increase the awareness of these two diseases. With her she brought a 9 year type 1 diabetic named Jack. Jack has been the JDRF youth ambassador for the last year, has has spoken at a number of different engagements about his diagnosis and what it’s like to live with Type 1 diabetes. Boy could he speak! He left the crowd astounded. Jack stood in front of a crowd of sweaty, spinning students, faculty, and supporter and put on a speech like a true professional… and he is only nine years old.

Where 95% of people are outside of their comfort zone, Jack stood their and put on a show.
There had to be a point when he said that “I Can Do this”