Over two years!

Wow, I haven’t updated this blog in over two years!

I’ve been doing well. Plugging along at school and work, as usual. I have less than a year left in my masters degree and am very excited! Though now starts trying to figure out exactly what I want to do for a thesis and starting research on that.

In October I am presenting a poster at the World Diabetes Congress which is in Montreal. I am finding it very intimidating to think about, but am also very excited! It’s on diabetes technology and visual impairment. From what I’ve read most of the people presenting there are doctors or medical researchers backed by hospitals and universities, so I feel a bit out of my league. But people also point out that no one knows more about this stuff than someone living it, so I’m hoping this presentation goes well. I’ve actually never travelled completely alone to an unfamiliar city, so that will prove to be an adventure as well. I’m borrowing GPS technology that’s specifically designed for visually impaired people, which should help a lot in staying oriented (hard when you can’t read street signs!). I’ve been to Montreal a few times before, too, so it’s not completely new to me.

My A1c has climbed in the past two years, from about 6.7 to 7.1. I don’t like that and I am trying hard to get it down. I’ve also gained weight so joined Weight Watchers the other day, as I’m having a heck of a time losing! WW is working well for me so far, but I’m finding the points are not all that different from what I’ve been doing anyway, so I’m really hoping it works!

All in all, I think those are the big updates for now. It’s time I get back to doing some good ol’ homework …

Best of luck at the congress and with WW, amiga!!

Welcome back!