I use a g5 and I am on my third week. I believe I have over calibrated this sensor. I only input a bs when it is steady. Is there any way to get it back on track?

What is the difference you are seeing between your G5 and a stick blood sugar. There is an acceptable Difference.

Sometimes it is 3 to 4 mmol. I’m in Canada

DonR asked the correct question. What’s the difference between the fingerstick and the Dexcom readng? Don’t calibrate at every BG fingerstick. Three calibrations per day is great, two are recommended.

Dexcom has a good education option. Call Dexcom Patient care. 888-738-3646. They were a great help when I started.

agreed, calibrating too much just mucks things up when using a G5. The first day numbers from the G5 can be all over the place and trying to calibrate out the errors is a fruitless exercise. What I’ve found is keep my meter handy and test frequently on day one. The next day things should smooth out nicely with just 1-2 cals needed to maintain decent accuracy.