Overcoming foh: fear of hypoglycemia


Police initially interpret someone who is in severe hypoglycemia as someone who is severely intoxicated. They see the unable to control the body movements the slurred speech as being very drunk.


Fear of lows is also a major concern for most medical professionals. Every doctor I have ever seen has been completely wigged out by my lows. And the reason is they don’t want us to die and they don’t want to be held liable if anything were to happen.
And much to most of my doctors dismay, I don’t fear the lows. I hate the highs! I will do anything, anything to bring down a high. I hate how bad I feel when high. It brings back very bad memories of my coma diagnosis way back when. Even after all these years, I have horrible memories of that time and how bad I felt.
So when blood testing started, my doctor didn’t want me to do it because I knew what I would do. And I begged and begged but he knew me oh so well. And when he finally said yes, guess what I did?! I would have a high number and I would take insulin. And than I would take more because I felt like crap. And I would spend my days on the roller coaster of blood sugars. Thankfully over the years, I have had more and more education and have learned how to avoid the roller coaster rides. And I still prefer to ride low verses ridding high. Do I fear lows? Not so much now. But the main reason is the high tech CGM and pump that now do all the thinking for me. A CGM makes me and my family and friends feel so much safer.


I have a fear of lows. I am currently attempting to get tighter control and attempting to be more comfortable with lower numbers. Today, I felt lightheaded and dizzy and I was trending down. I was in the 60’s. I had previously cut my basal using temp basal this am. I took my gel and bs inched up to 98. I felt lightheaded for about 4 hrs but my sugar was in the normal range, I was teaching a small class and I was happy they were there in case I passed out. I must of had the look of panic as one of the students asked if I was alright. I shut off my insulin delivery for a few hours until it reached 140. I had a heavy carb breakfast All- bran with a few raisin and lactose free milk and I subtracted out the fiber carbs. I started with a 111 bs I was having similar lows the past few days not as drastic and caught earlier. Will change carb to insulin ratio . My endo said that it may be a good idea on last meeting to change the IC ration. I have a bit of hypo unawareness. I had the cgm but was not watching it as closely as I should.

Is it normal to be lightheaded after the bs starts to rise for a few hours when
recovering from a low?
I might start wearing my cgm as opposed to leaving it in a bag near me. Does anybody keep the cgm on their person? I usually can hear it at home and when out. I have it on attentive. Dexcom. The nice thing about the omnipod is that the kids ask me what type of phone is that when I take it out. lol.

Thanks for listening.