Overnight low? seizures?

i tested last night before bed…i was 119 with .4 units on board. so i ate about a tablespoon of raising. i have my iob set for 4 hours, but i think its like 3.5 hours that i carry, so i wasn’t concerned at all.

this morning i woke up weird. first thing was my shoulders and neck hurt so bad. then i realized my alarm was going off. i looked at it and it had been going off for 50 minutes.

i got to my meter and was 42. i ate raisins…

anyway. i have been out of it all day long. totally. really spacey. sore and tired.

could i have had a really really bad low and had seizures? ive never woken up like that before.

recently ive noticed im not feeling overnight lows. i sometimes wake up in the 300’s so i KNOW ive gone low and dumped glucose at some point. but i don’t feel anything :frowning:

I don’t have any info to offer – just a great big HUG.

That sounds really hard and scary.

Take care and keep searching for help and information.

Well I got to where I didn’t trust myself to go to sleep b/c of waking up with paramedics (or after I got the gluagon kit) worried family member’s standing over me. May I suggest this (it worked for me anyway) kinda go to 130 or higher b/f you go to bed.It stopped my seizers and over night lows and I was able to trust myself to sleep through the night. I just keep myself a little higher at bedtime so I know I can sleep and not wake up like that. I am VERY unawear of lows at any time.I just check, check, check my bs’s to make sure I’m within range.

I’m really sorry that happened to you, sounds very scary. Have you done basal testing recently? It sounds like these nighttime lows are a pattern so I would definitely recommend lowering your basal for that time period. I think that would be more useful than eating a snack at bedtime, or even going to bed at a higher number. Something is definitely happening for you during the night that needs to be addressed.

thanks ladies <3

i did ONE night of basal testing about a week ago and i went UP (steadily from 124-283) during the night…crazy.

there is no one to notice me until morning if this happens…my daughters room is quite far from mine.

i think the muscle pain was definitely from seizing. i was so low when i woke up i was pretty unaware of the position i was in or the condition of the bedding…

i will do basal testing tomorrow night again to see where its at. i’m also going to set my phone alarm for 1 or 2 am tonight to see where i am and correct if needed.

I second this idea. Do some basal testing. Or at least wake yourself up a few times in the next few nights to test and see if you can find a time you are going downwards.

That’s a good idea! You do that!

136 at bedtime…ate a small amount of raisins…109 at 2:30, more raisins. 104 at 6.

i think tonight i’ll set a temp basal…

Highs in the morning are NOT always caused by lows. Look up the DAWN phenomina

Raisons are a DANGEROUS so called cure for a low. You need far more than that to stop one always!

You’re not feeling lows when sleeping because you ARE asleep, nothing more complex than that simple fact. Asleep we don;t feel things…

Feeling spacy, weird, did you TEST? Sore and tired could be a lot of things. Among that list could certainly be a seizure, but no guarantee its not simply the flu either…

Test… find proof.