Overwhelmed and Stressed

Hi yall,

The last two weeks for me has been a little stressful than things normally are for me. Which has sent my BG thru the roof. That in itself is strange because stress normally drops my BG. For me I know the next five months are going to bring a lot of stress my way since I am doing my normal day to day activity and now adding plaining my wedding to my list of things to do (the wedding is in Dec.).

I have been wondering how do everyone do it. I usually go for a long run and that does it. Do what yall may be asking? How do yall keep yall stress level low? What do yall do to destress when yall do get over stressed? How do yall keep from being overwhelmed and stressed? I mean managing diabetes is a full time job. And with any full time job there stress filled days. Then to add work, family life, ect. Wow. So what are some of the things that yall do or don't do?

I either go play ball with the guys or I take a long hot bath with the lights off with only light from the candles and that helps me to de-stress.

I make prayers or treat myself to something that I have wanted to do or get.
Its always a good thing to take sometime away from whats stressing you.
Good luck and congratualtions on your wedding.xxxxxxxxx

I enjoy going fishing or heading out into the woods for a little hike. Anything to get me away from whatever is causing the stress. Of course, right now, my main stressor is considerable pain from a medical condition. Not much I can do about it, until I can convince my doc to do the surgery.

Usually I do 3 things: Exercise. Usually long walks and yoga. Deep breathing exercises are also helpful. Relaxation. Often I spend time with family and do things we love most like cooking out or gardening, tinkering with my collections, or simply playing with my dogs. Water and nutrition. Eating a very well balanced meal with lots of fluids…not to mention having enough sleep and rest =)

I wish you the best on your wedding!

Id have to PM you for my response…Its very effective though!!!

And no its not illegal!!! (I know what your thinking lol)

When I was young I was always under stress. I worried about everything. In the 40 years since I was in my 20’s I have learned that stressing only endangers the relationships you have around you. Nothing is important enough to spoil the relationships you have.

Good planning and allowing others to help. If someone forgets something deal with it and move on. Don’t dweal on the mistakes.

My wife and I had our 44th wedding anniversary this past April I hope you are a lucky.

I pray all the time but I never thought of doing it when I am stressed. Thanks for sharing.

Sorry about your pain hope you can convice your doc to do the surgery.

These sound useful and doable (not the yoga). Thanks for sharing Teena.

Escapism - if you can forget about what is making you stress and do whatever it is that makes you forget about life. For me, it is watching a good movie on TV or one of my favorites, no matter how many times I have seen it. Or go online shopping for something you have been wanting (even if you don’t buy anything).

Yes, exercise helps. Listen to your favorite music while you do it and dance if you can!

LOL. Ok.

Congrets on the 44th wedding anniversary. Yall are lucky.

Thanks yall. Yall have given me some good tips and ideas to try.

Hi Missy,

I spend time with my dog. Petting, playing, or going for a walk/run. He doesn’t care about any of the stuff that’s bugging me or stressing me out. The simple act of petting his soft fur calms me better than just about anything.

Cheers, Mike

Thanks. Unfortunately, the pain is probably associated with my diabetes. Kind of a which caused which scenario.

Man it sounds like I need to get a dog. :slight_smile:

Oic. Which came first the chicken or the egg kind of thing.

Or a cat! I have three cats and yes, that helps too! Nothing like having something furry to bury your face into - works when you are sad too. Purr is the best sound to soothe in my opinion.

Cats are to quiet for me I can’t hear them that well. But they can still help.