Packing list: Shoes? check. Jacket? check. Extra pods? uh oh

This is the story of the time I forgot extra pods when I went camping.

My family and I were about half way to Mammoth Lakes, California, cruising around the Mohave desert in our suburban. I was probably only about 10 years old at the time, when suddenly, it hit us. My dad started whispering quickly to my mom, and they both went, "Ooh no!" All this was getting me pretty nervous. "What is it?!" I asked, started to get a little freaked out, "What's wrong?!" My parents then told me we had forgotten to bring extra pods, only the one extra I kept in my bag at all times. This would be enough for our trip, but if we put the pod on and it failed, we would be up a serious creek. I was really upset and scared! I even started crying! My parents said, "Calm down, Anna. We'll get through this. We have needles and plenty of insulin." I finally agreed that we didn't have to turn around and go back home. Once we got there I had my parents call Omnipod immediately, and Omnipod said they could do over-night shipments, (yes- from their company in Massachusetts) but we'd need to give them an address, which was a problem, because we were camping. My dad then came up with a brilliant idea! We went to the local fire station, and explained the situation. They agreed and said we have the pods sent there! I was so happy!! The pods arrived right on schedule, and everything went smoothly. I would like to give a super special thanks to the firemen, and women, of Mammoth Lakes California! I had a great camping trip, and so far have not forgotten the pods again!


Interesting story and experience. Glad the fire men/women were able to help you. God was watching over you at that time as well.

Always pack medical supplies first
At least make a list of what you need to take with you
Glad things worked out

yes, we never forgot anything like that since! ;) I'm very glad for the firemen/women!

Having forgotten supplies on a trip I can appreciate forgetting supplies. My story is similar except I had a pump failure while traveling. Thank goodness Medtronic stepped right up and get me a replacement just in time. you gotta love thinking on your feet to fill a need. Congratulations on thinking of the fire department. That plants a seed in mind in case this happens again.