Pain after DKA?

Hey I was diagnosed 3 months ago with a DKA and 13.9 A1C.
Since then my blood sugar has stabilized and actually I don’t really use insulin as I still produce some insulin by my own, but, I still have some pains since the DKA.
It’s super weird and frustrating… mainly my legs are still stiff and hurt especially when I’m stressed (how in the world is it related??). My shoulder is also not great and feels stretched all the time.
I wonder if anyone else had pains after their initial diagnosis, and if it went away, and what did they do to help.

I was not in full blown DKA at diagnosis but I was close…I think my A1C was 14 ish and my eyes were completely shot. Anyway, I had pretty bad muscle pain in my upper bicep, like a muscle that’s locked up and does not want to let you flex, as well as “tennis elbow”, which is essentially a strained elbow. These occurred during the 1-2 months before and after my diagnosis. I wrote it off as caused by all the weight (and muscle mass) I had lost before my diagnosis.

I was not muscle bound to start with and by the time I got diagnosed I had lost about 35 pounds. I figure losing all that weight really weakened me and caused me to more easily pull muscles and strain joints. Once I got my BG under reasonable control and brought the A1c down I was able to put about half of the weight back on. Now I’m steady at 5’10 and 170 pounds and have not had muscle/joint problems again.

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Are your leg pains, like leg cramps? DKA screws up potassium balance all to hell, and If you are still dehydrated months later (possibly because of high bg’s) the leg cramps will still be there.

Similar cramps can also happen in other parts of the body during dehydration but the leg cramps are usually the first to appear.

“Don’t really use insulin” is an odd thing to report after an A1C of 13.9 and DKA. Not impossible if this is honeymoon phase BUT you still have to be checking bg’s and if you are having leg cramps that’s a strong sign that your bg’s are quite high. If you are in honeymoon phase and not using insulin you STILL HAVE TO BE checking bg’s at least occasionally.

Thanks Tim I’ll try to drink more water… let’s see if this will help.

“Don’t really use insulin” yeah it’s super odd… I had a dka with c-peptide of 1.8 so I’m still producing insulin… and I can be around 80-120 most of the day with low-car and some light exercise (honeymoon). I put some insulin just to help a little bit, but I’m not sure if it’s really smart. I use Dexcom \ and check blood values before meals, so I’m checking all the time, even too much :frowning: