Pain In leg

I am type 1 since 2011 and my age is 27 yrs. I feel pain in my lower leg. Once I got it checked up with doctor and tests showed that there is less blood flow in legs so he gave one medicine and after 1 week Pain was disappeared. Now again after 6-7 months I feel pain in my lower leg. The pain is when I stand up after sitting for long time. I started jumping ropes and other exercises from 2 days and It relieves me most of the time.

Should I continue with exercising to improve the blood flow in to my legs and throughout the body?

Any other tips for the same?

Yes, exercise is very important for helping and maintaining blood flow. Another exercise is heel raise. This is where you stand on a step and let your heel drop and then raise your leg to standing on toes. As many repeats as you can.

Controlling blood sugar should also help prevent progression.

My blood sugar is already controlled. I take Lantus and Novorapid as per my doctor and all is in control.

Does drinking plenty of water also help in improving blood flow?

Not sure that drinking water helps, but it won't hurt. But, I have been where you are and ignored it. First of all, how controlled is your BG? If your A1c is over about 5.4 then you are running above normal BG most of the time. There are all kinds of opinions on this, but the reality is that people with normal BG don't have complicationa. People with above normal BG DO get them. The severity depends on how high for how long.

Your vascular system is one of the most vulnerable since it is in constant contact with the inflamitory high BG. Most likely this is your issue. If indeed this is the case it is very likely that you have problems in areas you are not yet aware of. The smallest capillaries are the first to be affected. Like those in your retinas, kidneys, penis, etc.Once these are damaged it is unlikely they can be restored

Therefore, you really should take this pain as a warning and re evaluate your management to make sure you are doing all you can to hold off further complications. I have hhad 5 surgeries and countless treatments totalling over $100,000 to save my eyesight so far. And that is to say nothing of the other problems I continue to battle. Compared to managing my complications, controlling my BG is by far the easiest part of my D.

So YES, exercise all you can. stay active. Walk a lot. Whatever works, just do it. But remember, exercise is just ONE part of it. If you exercise and take your meds but don't "strive" for normal BG it may take longher,but complicatios are onthe way.