Pain Pain Go Away

I fall asleep each night in pain, I wake up in pain every morning. Is this any way to live? The pain is the kind that has no name. I t can not be described in a word or even in a feeling or even in an emotion. It's just pain, pain in my feet. I want the pain to go away. I want it to leave this world from the tips of my toes into eternity and to never ever come back. Not after me, nor anyone, not even my ememies. Pain is no ones friend but it is everyone's enemy. For some reason I have welcomed pain into my life for some time now. I'm ready for it to leave now. At least I say I am ready, but am I really? It's been here so long, we seem to have made friends. I don't want to be friends anymore. But how do I make you leave? They have told me what to right, medicine, exercise, yeah...yeah...yeah. I've been to those classes, I've heard the spill. Why don't I do what they say? I really don't like you. I really want you to leave. What's it going to take? Me. Me. ME. MMMEEEE!!!! It's going to take me. I am going to have to be the one to make the pain go away. I know how. I listened to you explain it to me. I heard you tell me what to do and how to do it. It seems like the pain has just become a part of my life. I've learned how to cope, while my family just goes on without me. I want to be the one in control of my family, not you. It's time for me to do something. It's time now.

**Thank you for reading what's going through my head. I just needed to get this out and know that someone would listen. God Bless You.

I hear u loud and clear. Am also T2 and having similar symptoms. When I am troubled more by pain, the A1c inadverently is high. Bring it to normal. Bring tighter control on the BG readings. Try low carbohydrate diet for some time. Take antioxidants, Vit B12, D and ginseng. Walk while u still can _ atleast 30 minutes, atleast six days a week, on flat area with flat heels. Check ur feet for fungus etc. Wear comfortable shoes, should not be tight.
May sound unorthodox, but just close ur eyes and pray that pain go to Light. Repeat atleast thrice and say Thank God/Higher Being thrice. See/feel the result.
If u are intersted can also tell u of salt bath method.

Dear friend, it must have been a God thing. I’m at work and strugggling to get something done. I decided to take a break and log on. I want to tell you I’ve been where you are now and there is hope. It took some time, but I reversed the nerve damage to my feet and the pain went away and the sesitivity came back. And you don’t have to have PERFECT blood sugars, just better ones.

So start today. Decide this is THE day I’m going to eat three meals that are healthy, take my meds, and go for a short walk. Just do that for THIS day. Then wake up in the morning and do it again for that day.

You don’t have to be perfect. Just be a little bit better. Start today.

Brenda has expressed it fine. JUST FOR TODAY, JUST A BIT BETTER. You will continually improve. Even in Reiki, we say Five Principles which start with JUST FOR TODAY… This way it does not seem unsurpassable. U can achieve goal slowly, but surely. After 21 days of consciously doing it, it becomes second nature.

WOW, I didnt realize that my rambling would get ANY response at all! @Brenda, you have what I need, a positive attitude! We need to hook up :slight_smile: My dr. told me to learn to live with it, that the neuropathy was my new lifelong “friend”. I never thought in a million years it would be possible for it to get better or even go away! That is encouraging news. My last A1C was 7.4 about a week ago. I have a ways to go :frowning: I DO have faith, a lot! I just need awesome people like you for back up! I like the One day at a time…Just for today thoughts. I can only do this through baby steps or not at all!!! Thanks guys.

A journey of million miles starts with the first step. You are now ready for the first step. Wishing you the best. When u reach 6.5 on A1C, you will see/feel for yourself____u are on right track.

Pain s*cks. No doubt about it. I have peripheral neuropathy in my hands. I have number fingers. At times, I have had impingements, in my shoulder and elbows. I have been fortunate, my hands mostly are just numb. But when I’ve inflammed my shoulder, that is the worst. I really don’t care about the pain, but what really drove me crazy is that if messed with my sleep, it would wake me up continuously throughout the night.

Do get your blood sugar down, that will be the key to healing. And keep your faith, you can heal from neuropathy, it takes time and it will hurt as it heals. Make sure you are taking supplements to help. Dr. B recommends ALA (+ biotin) and evening primrose oil to help heal nerves.

And remember, you are not alone. Keep strong, you can work through this.

Great advice and support you have been given. I just wanted to say that I hope that you feel better and the pain subsides. I do wish you the best.

Like Brenda I’ve been there. Like here I was able to reverse some of the damage and stop the pain and have sensitivity in my feet. So hang in there and believe it can be done with persistence and faith.

I had the sharp pains and numbness in my feet before I was diagnosed and for about the first 3 months after diagnosis. A1c was 14 at the time. Thought it would never go away but suddenly realized one day that it was gone. Now I’m just dealing with my left thumb–it’s numb and burns like fire at the same time. Still better than both feet tho. I know you will feel better over time, little by little.

Autumn, I don’t know your type of pain, but I can tell from your writing, it is no friend. I have arthritis in my knees , well in every joint of my body, and it is NOT my friend. It never will be my friend, if we live together for the next 50 years. But I think Brenda has hit on some things that I am going to try too. It will get better, and it may flair up again from time to time. If I have anything to add to what everyone has told you, was to give yourself a break. You’ll have good days, great days, and bad days. On the bad days, give yourself a break, rest, relax, and flow with what you are feeling. It’s not easy, I know it’s hard, I know the hurt of pain…and will listen anytime you need to vent.

@Robyn, you are too sweet, thank you so much. @Judith, I do massage my feet very often. Naturally I’d love to have the hubby offer to do it but they are SO sensitive I’d probably end up kicking him, ha ha.
I am 34 years old so that is why I am so adamant about reversing this problem now! My kids are young and I want to be able to keep up with them. @satinder & Brenda, I’m going to do my best Just for Today! I hope yours is GREAT <3