Paleo Diet and Type 1 - Overall Benefits in 6 weeks

It's been a while since I shared anything- but I've been busy with appendicitus, crazy weeks at work, traveling down to Florida, breaking 90 on the golf course... and you know... life stuff wrapping up summer.

I wanted to take a second to share some of what I've been doing with my diet to help out. I've started doing the Paleo or "Caveman" diet.

The keys for the Paleo or Caveman diet are this :
1.As much lean meat (Think Chicken, Bison, Fish, Shellfish, lean pork, lean beef..) as you want
2.As many vegitables as you want
3.As much fruit as you would like
4.Nuts (except Peanuts) in moderation
5.No Dairy
6.No Wheat
7.No processed food or sugars
8.No potatoes or starches

I'm planning on writing a much longer post based on my experiences the last 6 weeks, but the important thing is my control is MUCH smoother and I'm taking about 35% less insulin overall (and half as much meal bolus).

I will back that up with some numbers and some CGM data soon.

Happy Wednesday,

Daniel Watson


Interesting, but not really surprising. Removing dairy, wheat, and potatoes/starches is going to cut down on your insulin needs, as the foods you are eating require less insulin to convert into energy. BUT, did they say anything about this diet potentially contributing to your appendicitis? I only ask because I had a friend who was doing a low-carb diet and ended up with appendicitis. She was told that low-carb diets increase the risk of acute appendicitis because you (ahem) poop less and are more likely to become constipated, thus increasing the risk that fecal matter backs up into the appendix and cause it to become infected (or something like that).

What kinds of veggies are you eating? Do you have to accurate carb count for those, or do you find that you're able to be a little "looser" with your carb counting because, overall, you're consuming fewer carbs.

I'm always curious to hear about dietary changes that can help with management.