Pancreas working off and on?

I need HELP! I was diagnosed with LADA two years ago. Have been testing off and on. BG was in the 80s for months, then 90s, then I got slack about testing and it was 120s. I’m on my way to Houston for a week where my daughter in law is very ill in ICU and I tested today and 2 hours post prandial I’m 141. I’m scared to death now. I know my honeymoon period is running thin. I eat a ketogenic diet, no sugar, no gluten, no fruit, 20 g carbs. I don’t think there is anything I can do to lower my BG, is there? I don’t take any meds for diabetes, as I have no sign of Type 2 and the last time I saw my endo I was stable. I see him next month. Question…l.lthose of you whose honeymoon phase ended, did it happen suddenly. When should I be concerned. I just pray I don’t have an emergency in Houston. Thank you.

If you need insulin, nothing else will do. It sounds to me like you need insulin. Insulin is not failure, it is treatment. Anybody who tells you otherwise is doing you a disservice.

Is it perfect? No, because it is not actual human insulin. Our own insulin works lightning quick and is out of our systems quickly. The fast-acting lasts 3-5 hours and the slow acting 10-24 hours (depending on the type).

Many diabetics swear by low carb diets, but don’t do something just because you think it will negate your need for a certain treatment. It won’t. Make your decisions based on what your body tells you (and your doctor).

It’s not realistic to try to stay off insulin when it’s what you need.

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