I have known for a long time that I didn’t sleep like a normal person. When I lived at home, my sister told me that I thrashed around in my seep, snored, talked in my sleep and farted in my sleep. She even made a tape of me snoring, talking and farting in my sleep and played it for me.

I always slept alone so it didn’t matter much but now I sleep with my fiancee and it is worrying me. We have talked about it and he says it don’t bother him and is even kind of “cute”. I never wake up in the same postition I was in when I went to sleep so I know I still do it. I even wake up laying crosswise in the bed sometimes. I’ve been taking gas-X in the evening, hoping to stop any nocturnal farting, I don’t know if it is helping.

I am studying nursing in college, I asked one of my professors about my nocturnal activities, and she said it is called Parasomnia and lots of people have it to some degree. She said it often accompanied by nightmares. I don’t think I have nightmares but I can never remember my dreams so I’m not sure.

Even though my fiancee says it don’t bother him, I’m not sure he is telling the truth. It does bother me that I am doing something I have no control over that I know must be annoying to him.

Tooting in your sleep, that is so cute!!

I’d take his word for it that it doesn’t bother him. He finds it cute, so don’t worry. Nothing you can do about it anyway. My husband thrashes around. Doesn’t annoy me at all.

Your engaged? When did this happen? You haven’t been keeping us updated! Congrats!

I don’t sleep well either. I am pretty sure I don’t fart in my sleep but I know I move around quite a bit - my ex said I snored but I am sure that is not true as he is the only one who told me that. When I was younger, sometimes I would wake up with my head at the foot of the bed. :slight_smile: I haven’t done that for a looong time.

Maybe he sits awake at night and watches you sleep and waits for the next cute thing to happen? :slight_smile:

Yup, I can still remember the good old days before I learned that women get gas and fart. You may have some sleep problem, but really I don’t see what evidence that you have for all this activity “while you are asleep.” Some recording that your sister made is “old evidence.” Frankly, I still don’t believe I snore, tho my wife has been claiming it is true for many (many) years. I am glad you are engaged, but you have to realize that with married life you will face challenges worlds beyond a bit of smelly gas released in bed while both of you are asleep. The true test of a relationship is how you deal with serious adversity, and snoring, talking in your sleep and some smelly body action does not count as serious adversity in my book.

Yes, I’m engaged. It will be a long engagement, we agreed not to set the date until I finish school and that will be almost 3 years from now. I don’t fool myself that he will still want to marry me after all that time. Right now I’m sure I want to spend the rest of my life with him, but even that might change in 3 years.

I know I thrash around in my sleep because I wake up in such different positions and the covers are all bunched up. Before when i was sleeping alone, I fell out of bed a few times. It must be difficulty for him to sleep with me moving so much and maybe even kicking and punching.

Aw, sure he will! I know you are young though. People make big changes around 20 and 21 years of age so good to keep things a bit open and long term as far as the engagement goes. I don’t know if you mentioned how old he is. The older you get the more serious you get about committment type things. Are you totally moved in with him now? I think you said you were half moved in before.

You could easily recorded yourself sleep if someone has a video camara and a tripod. Or even a computer cam with software that records will do it. This way you can see how bad you are (or are not!). My dad snores like a lion - I am serious - it is so loud I don’t know how my mom sleeps and he has always done that. I could hear it rooms away.

I take gas-x before i go to bed if I have air in my tummy that is bothering me. I also try to drink alot of water with it that helps with any air in your stomach. I have more farts now that I am on Metformin than I did before. I consider the farts the air that smells and if it doesn’t smell it is just ‘air’. HAHA

Jimmy is 23 and I am 19. I only stay at his house 2 or 3 nights a week. He works 4 days a week, long hours and needs his sleep and I need to have time alone to study. I stay at my aunts house the rest of the time. My uncle works right nest to my school so I ride to/from school with him.

He has told me that I thrash around in my sleep like I am fighting something. He even showed me a spot on his side he said I kicked him hard but I couldn’t see any bruise. I can never remember dreaming so I don’t know why I do it. Maybe I need to see a shrink to find out.

I never worried about gas before, never had much. But after what my sister told me, I don’t want to take any chances when sleeping with him so I take the gas-x just in case.