Past diabetes management blunders

When I remember of my past blunders , hidden snacking in childhood, forced intake of carb or some sweet while hiding my diabetes from my friends or relatives. not acceptance of my diabetes in my childhood and taking revenge from myself and my mother, I feel very ashamed and scared also that how much damage I have caused to my body. My HBa1c remained to be in range 8-9 sometimes in 7-8.
I have got lasered my eyes and lost my partial sight of right eye fortunately my right eye is perfect till now. Now my sugars are 6-7 range of HBa1c and my lipid profile, thyroid range and all bio-chemistry tests all are ok but I am scared of my previous mistakes and often think about it about hidden snacking.
Whether I shall be remain alright in future, What is my longevity. I have reduced my weight by 20 pounds and testing my sugars 4 to 5 times in a day. more than this I can n't afford as I purchase them. I go for walk twice in a day. my BP has come down to 110/70 from 130/90
What the past mistakes have caused damage to my body

Please share your views

One of my favorite members here used to always say "Tomorrow is Another Day" (Danny if you are out there, we really miss you). What is in the past is water under the bridge. All that really matters is how you live your life from this day forward. I think we could all point to things we have done that we regret and feel like were mistakes. Smoking is I can point to as one of my own youthful errors. And I don't even want to talk about when I was a teen. The way I look at it, I can sit around beating myself up, or I can pick myself up and work hard to do the right thing in the future. I know which way I will go.

I smoked for 5 or 6 years, drank a lot, ate complete garbage, and, worst of all, didn't take my insulin consistently or test my blood sugar. For me, I had to prove to myself that I was stronger than diabetes and that it wouldn't keep me from living my life. Ironically, all these behaviors will most likely inevitably shorten my life.

Like BSC said, you can't change the past, but can change the present (and future). Even if you start today to change your habits, it will make a difference. I can't focus on my mistakes or it will just eat me up too much inside. So far, I don't have any complications after 11 years except for slight numbness in a couple of my toes. This is terrifying to me, but I know that if I give up now, I will be much much much worse.

Hi Hello123!
Who doesn’t make mistakes?! I certainly made a lot in the past 10 years since I was diagnosed. The important thing is this day and the days that will come! What we did wrong we can’t change, but we can make our future much better with we keep trying to do our best from now on!