Past, Present & Future

Hey to all, I'm not much of a blogger myself but am interested in the Diabetic community as it has had a giant impact on my life, like many here, my Grammar is not the greatest so pardon the mistakes.

I was diagnosed from a very young age (2) my mum had the luxury of injecting her toddler so I was a true pain in the ■■■ from the off, My father never had much interest in my the medical side of my health or children in general and split from my mum in my early teens he always showed fear towards my diabetic blood sugars & behaviour when things were not going well.

So I guess that makes me a lifer, every experience so far I've walked hand in hand with Diabetes.

My mums youngest Brother (the youngest of 8) was the only family link alive to me that had the same condition also type 1, he was diagnosed at 18 but died last year (aged 37) to diabetic related instances, very tragic circumstances especially whilst my mum was having chemotherapy for Cancer at that time as well. As far as I know my grandmothers father (so great grandfather to me) on my fathers side also had diabetes in the glorious days of glass syringes, though my knowledge on this is sporadic at best.

I have two other conditions related to Diabetes one being underactive thyroid in which I take 1.75mg of thyroxin once a day this I developed in my mid-teens (16) and more recently problems to do with my kidneys in which higher creatine(?) levels have shown up on blood tests in which first appeared in my early 20's, I originally took Ramipril for this at a fairly high dosage and was having blackouts the GP's/Doc brought me off the drug and recently in the last 6 months I've returned to it at a lower dosage (1.25mg) which seems to be working well from recent results.

On nearly every HBA1C (?) test in living memory my figures have come back sound ranging from 6-8, yet I've still been there with the massive high spikes and ketones/ketosis and paramedics/ambulance needing to pull me out of lows, My faith in most of the tests & practitioning surrounding Diabetes is not high, though I don't complain *touch wood* no problems recently and keep moving on one step at a time.

My greatest goal and ambition is to see a cure for the next generation of young diabetics, especially those who do not have a family or finance to support the condition, who live on the poverty line. This WILL happen; I only hope I am around to see that day come.

I look forward to seeing and reading the days and lives of Diabetics on TUdiabetes.


Thanks for sharing your story! I hope a cure happens too for at least the next generation if not ours