Pat McAlister, Type 1 for 71 years

I have been Type 1 for 73 years, and I like to read about other long term Type 1 people. Here is an interesting story written by Pat McAlister, describing her 71 years of T1D.


Inspiring! :heart:

Wonderful !

Thank you for posting this inspiring article!

I emailed Pat McAlister from the above article and have been exchanging messages with her. She’s a lovely person :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing. It is inspiring to know.
May I ask, how different was management back then and now if you compare.

When my son was diagnosed (5 years back @9 years), we were put on 6mm syringes and we shifted to Novo pen. We recently got DexComG6 and now starting on T-slim.

Although management has become somewhat easy and we maintain good control, we as parents live in some constant background worry feel.

Positive hope is always the best protection.

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@ABal, I was diagnosed in 1945, and for my first 40 years I did not have a glucose meter. I had no idea what my blood sugar level was in those years, and I had to go by my feelings. I used insulin taken from animals for my first 50 years. That caused many problems. There were no basal and bolus insulins then. I had many seizures at night until I started Humalog in 1996. I am very lucky that I did not have serious complications during those early years.
I have used a pump for 11 years, and a CGM for 3 years. It was after I started using the pump and CGM that I developed neuropathy in my feet and legs. I have much numbness and poor balance caused by the neuropathy. That makes it seem like the modern technology did not help me, but I know that that is not true. After many years with Type 1, complications are more likely to develop, even though these wonderful devices are being used. I know that my glucometer, basal and bolus insulins, insulin pump and CGM are helping me. I think I would not be alive now if I did not have them.
Your son had modern day technology available when he was diagnosed. That makes it very likely that he will not have the problems and complications I have had. Good luck to you and your son!! :slight_smile:


Thanks Richard. I can understand how difficult it must have been. I thank very often Banting and Best for their discovery and saving children.

Hopefully in the next 10 years, we are looking forward to have a stem cell implant.

I remember Leonard Mccoy gives a pill to grandma and she celebrates jubilantly ’ doctor gave me a pill and I grew a kidney’ … likewise…‘doctor implanted a chip and I grew pancreas’. Like many ideas in Star Trek came true, such discovery will also happen in future.


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I have been a type 1 or juvenile diabetic for almost 35 years now I also started with beef pork insulin how times have changed I am now thinking of a continuous glocose meter I would like to hear your opinion on this

@Dondon - Pat McAlister has never been on this forum, you’d need to email her privately to get an answer to your question(s)