Patience IS a virtue

Anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t have much patience. I recently had 3 sensors in a row go belly up (bent, from laying on them). therefore, I decided to take a chance on putting on on my inner thigh. The first 24 hours I had low ISIG’s and came close to ripping it out and cutting my losses before wasting another day without useful CGM readings. I’m so used to my Enlites being accurate most of the time that when I don’t have one installed, or am waiting the 2 hours for the first calibration, I get antsy. Anyways…I sucked it up and waited until the following morning and it was like I’d put in a different sensor. that thing has been crazy-accurate.

Because I had place the sensor so close to the crease between my leg and groin, I expected I’d not be able to wear it on a bike ride (which would bum my wife out as she loves riding). I slipped on my bike shorts and inspected where the sensor would lie when I’m on my bike and pedaling. It looked fine and so I slapped on one more IV3000 for insurance and off we went on a 23 mile ride. the sensor was decently accurate to the point of saving me from a couple of lows these past 2 days and warning me when I start to go up a bit. I should take this as an object lesson in the fine art of patience. Patience IS a virtue. :slight_smile:

3 days, 5 hours, and all is well.


Not quite like that, but I’ve had a series of failed (Dexcom) sensors lately – each of the last four times I’ve changed a sensor, the first one I put in failed within 20 hours - one as little as 2 hours! Not sure what’s been up with that, but the second one I used - often from the same box - worked fine (except once, when the second one fall off the next day!). Most of them have been replaced, but I know how frustrating it is when you’re used to almost constant information, then have none.

Sensor I’m wearing now is just over 2 weeks old. It worked perfectly for me during a long bike ride last week - which is a bit unusual for me (most of the time, the CGM falsely reports lows when I’m riding). I’m hoping it lasts a bit yet – not looking forward to changing it… twice?

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I’ve had a series of failed sensors lately, also. The last 3 I believe. I just had to change one today after 7 hours of question marks (I can’t stand seeing those things!).

I’ve been considering this location as I’m very lean and muscular but definitely have fatty tissue on the inner thighs. I was just wondering if it is uncomfortable while walking or doing normal everyday things.

I don’t feel the sensor at all, in my thigh (Enlite). As I said in the first post, I was leery of ruining the sensor (having it come off) by biking. Didn’t phase it all. Today, a few hours after being up, the reading was exact. It’s not always exact, but it trends properly. Not THE best sensor ever, for me, but it’s well within my expectations, given it’s in my leg, and other than a lousy first 24 hours, it’s been good.

patience IS a virtue, and, like you, i can sometimes be quite short of it. i am very lean and muscular and cannot wear my sensor on my abdomen. i went for the hip area, but couldn’t get very good accuracies. i kept hearing about using my outer arm, but then realized i had more meat on my outer thigh. i, like you, was also concerned that this site maybe subject to too much rubbing against all things such as clothing, particularly relatively tight leggings for exercise.( i know that whenever i have slept on my sensor, and the sensor pressing against the mattress, i would get false lows and all the damn alarms that would go off in the middle of the night, ruining my sleep.) BUT, i discovered that this site was excellent. i got great accuracy and real comfort. i put the Tegaderm over the sensor, so what might be considered too much rubbing against it did not bother the placement at all. i never get more than a week out of each sensor, no matter how many times i have tried.

but i digress. back to patience: my first 8 months on the dex sensor i could not find one site that would last me more than 3 days and just so-so accuracy. but i didn’t give up. now that i found my thigh as a good site, i am happy that i did not give up and toss the dex in the river.

i have less issues with the sensor coming in contact with things when it’s on my inner thing. sensors on my arm are another story. accuracy and speed of showing current SG is better on the arm, but I’ve had issues with signal transmission to my pump, forcing me to clip the pump to my collar or lay it by my head, when sleeping–not an ideal circumstance.

today, for a while, the sensor was reading far too low, so I’m not thrilled with it at this point, which is day 7. sensors on my arm are very accurate day in and day out.

I just pulled the sensor in my thigh due to low ISIG. Back to arm location. wish me luck. :slight_smile: